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How to factory Unlock AT&T iPhone 4 iPhone 4S

There are so many solutions on the internet that claim to unlock AT&T iPhone. The solutions that have been seen so far include software and hardware unlocks like Gevey SIM, SAM unlock and the likes. However, only a temporary unlock was achieved through these solutions and the users were left hanging later on. There is no need to search for anymore unreliable solutions as there is a permanent one-time working solution that can unlock AT&T iPhone forever.

How to factory Unlock AT amp T iPhone 4 iPhone 4S

How to factory Unlock AT amp T iPhone 4 iPhone 4S

Our iPhone unlocking partners can unlock AT&T iPhone 3GS/ 4/ 4S for only a one-time fee and this unlock is going to be permanent. For AT&T we highly recommend these guys to unlock your iPhone, our unlocks are the cheapest and fastest and we worked hard to find the best suppliers.

Why choose Unlock An iPhone for AT&T unlock solution

You might be wondering why we’re recommending Unlock An iPhone. The reason is they provide a factory unlock solution. There are many benefits of getting a factory unlock. You can update the iOS and firmware without having any worries. It is permanent, cheap & FAST.

Software and hardware unlocks work temporarily up until Apple discovers the loop holes and patches its servers. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about voiding your warranty with a factory unlock solution. Using other cheap unlock services will do so.

Unlock An iPhone – AT&T iPhone 4/ 4S — How to proceed further

AT&T has been providing unlock services to their customers on contracts. However, those who aren’t in contract with AT&T and have bought the carrier locked phone from some other website were out of luck. However, thanks to OfficialiPhoneunlock, they are now safe. The company has direct access to Apple’s servers, and hence can unlock any AT&T iPhone without any issues. You just need to provide them with the IMEI number and the phone will be unlocked in 6-12 hours.


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Afterwards, they’ll send it to Apple’s servers, and once the IMEI has been processed, you’ll get an email. Now all that will be required of you is to connect the iPhone to iTunes for the unlock process to be complete. There’s 100% money back guarantee. Your AT&T iPhone will then work on any carrier in the world.



You have to go to the official website, and choose the device and the network to determine whether your device is eligible for unlock or otherwise. If it is, they’ll inform you the processing time and ask a few personal details. If you don’t know the locked network of your handset, you can select ‘Unknown’ and an ‘IMEI lookup’ will find out the network.

We highly recommended Unlock An iPhone service. They’re the cheapest and the most reliable unlock service providers. Unlock iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S on AT&T today!

Click Here To Get Your iPhone Unlocked Now – For Most Worldwide Networks

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