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  Remote jailbreak for all iPhone models

If you’re an iDevice owner and haven’t jailbroken your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch so far, you may be aware that you’re missing out on several key benefits that a jailbreak is able to provide. However, you may not be technical enough or are afraid that something will happen if you perform a wrong step or miss out on an important instruction.

Here are some of the reasons why jailbreaking an iDevice is an attractive option to consider if you haven’t done so:

1. Plenty of tweaks

Whether it’s multi-tasking, backing up of important apps or assigning a separate camera button to the lockscreen, the Cydia Store has it all. There are several tweaks released everyday by talented jailbreak developers (who’re growing fast in number) that presents users with functionality that isn’t available on the App Store and if it wasn’t for them, a lot of iOS users may have shifted to Android OS platform. Jailbreak is what keeps iOS at bay.

2. Tether without paying anything

You can legally tether through your network carrier, but that is going to cost you a lot particularly if you do this on a daily basis. However, the Cydia store has jailbreak apps that can let you do this without having to pay anything. Some examples of the tweaks include TetherMe and MyWi tethering.

3. Unlock the phone

Old iPhone models may be unlocked on particular basebands after jailbreaking of the device. There’s a tool called ultrasn0w available at the jailbreak store that is a software unlock and can make the device work in a country other than where it was bought. So for example if you bought an iPhone 4 from U.S., you can use the software unlock to make it work outside USA on the carrier of the country you’re in.

Coming over to the risks, they are the reason why you may hesitate to perform the jailbreak yourself. Some of the risks include

4. iPhone brick

Bricking is when the iPhone becomes unresponsive and the screen goes blank. When this happens, your iPhone doesn’t work and it’s not even detected by iTunes. You’re unable to make calls or texts or even turn on the device. If you’ve already suffered this, there’s no need to worry as we also have a solution on how to fix bricked iPhones.

5. Loss of data

There have been some cases where users weren’t able to perform a jailbreak correctly and had to do a factory resotre for the iDevice to work correctly. This led to the formatting of SD card which caused all the data to be wiped.

What to do if you can’t jailbreak on your own?

We provide a service where our technicians login to your PC or Mac and jailbreak your connected iPhone/ iPad and iPod Touch. You need to pay a small fee after which we take care of the process for you. You get a jailbreak without any hassle, avoiding the risks such as loss of data and iPhone brick. So if you want to jailbreak right now, click the buy now button below.

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