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  How to fix bricked iPhone

You may have heard the term ‘bricked’ if you’re an iPhone owner, but how do you find out if your iPhone has been bricked? What are the reasons that can cause your device to brick? How do you fix a bricked iPhone? For answering all these questions, you should first learn what bricking really is.

What is bricking?
Bricking is quite simple to define. It’s basically the case where your device becomes unresponsive and you’re left with a blank screen. Later on, you can’t get the screen to become responsive again. You can’t make calls or use the iOS software and your device isn’t even detected by iTunes.

What are the causes of iPhone bricking?

1. Software update
There have been some cases where the iPhone was bricked when users attempted to make a software update. In this case, there’s usually an ‘unknown error message’ presented to the user. Firmware updates is one of the cases where your iPhone can become bricked.

2. Jailbreak
Jailbreaking offers a lot of benefits, but when a jailbreak goes bad (due to not being performed properly or because of some other reason), it can cause your device to become bricked. Usually skipping steps and not following instructions properly can lead to the bricking.

3. Hardware and software unlocks
Hardware and software unlocks such as Gevey SIM, Rebel Micro SIM and SAM unlock solution are still talked about among iPhone users. While there was a period when many iPhones were unlocked using these solutions, they don’t work anymore on the latest models, and relying on them in an attempt to get an iPhone unlock isn’t a wise thing to do and can get your device bricked.

How do you fix a bricked phone?
If your iPhone was recently bricked, there is no need to press the panic button or plan for a trip to the local Apple Store. We offer a reliable service that’s convenient and you don’t need to go anywhere. Our technical staff will login to your PC or Mac and fix your device for a small fee.

Apart from the benefit of convenience, you won’t have to answers dozens of questions as in case if you visit the store for a replacement, and there may even be the case they may refuse to give you a new phone altogether as it’s against Apple policy to jailbreak your device or attempt to unlock it. For a convenient solution to fix your bricked iPhone, simply buy the PayPal button below.  One of our iPhone technicians will arrange a time with you to  remotely login to your PC/MAC(attached to iPhone via USB cable) and fix the device for you. This service is 100% guaranteed and if we cannot fix your device, we will refund all your payment back to you. No questions asked. Buy our fix iPhone service and bring your phone back to life.

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