Can SAM method unlock iPhone 5 on baseband 1.00.16

Sam Deguzman
September 5, 2012

Can SAM method unlock iPhone 5 on baseband 1.00.16 The answer is no as you need to install SAM using Cydia and your iPhone must be jailbroken to have cydia inside it. There is no jailbreak for iPhone 5 yet so it is impossible to unlock iPhone 5 using SAM […]

Is there a gevey sim unlock for the iPhone 5

Sam Deguzman
September 4, 2012

iPhone Unlock

No, currently there is no hardware interposer like gevey that can unlock iPhone 5 on baseband 1.00.16. The only solution is IMEI unlocking.

How to factory unlock iPhone 5

Sam Deguzman
September 3, 2012


Apple’s next generation iPhone i,e iPhone 5 has been released. It comes with many new features like 4-inches screen size with retina display, better camera, better processor, better gaming experience and much more.

Forgot your iPhone s Passcode here s how to recover it

Sam Deguzman
August 15, 2012


So have you forgotten your iPhone’s passcode and you can’t remember it? In the past, the only solution, if you have forgotten the passcode, was to restore the device using iTunes and lost all your data but thanks to Gecko iPhone toolkit as it is now possible to get your forgotten passcode back within half an hour.

How to bypass fix iPhone is disabled Try again in xxxx mintues

Sam Deguzman
August 14, 2012

iPhone is disabled

iPhone is impaired Try again in xxxx mintues. This is what I got on my iPhone 4 these days after my little sibling horrible with the cellphone. Maybe he tried to get into incorrect passcode for many periods and thus it got impaired. But for 21,869,872 minutes?

Increase battery life of your iOs device using BattSaver

Sam Deguzman
August 14, 2012

Hacker Releases Battery Fix for iPhone iPad Under iOS 5 x BattSaver2

Getting a poor battery life on your device running iOS 5? Well, you can now double your battery life as long as your device is jailbroken.

How to downgrade iPhone baseband 6.15.00 to 5.13.04

Sam Deguzman
August 13, 2012

Redsn0w (1)

iPhone 3GS and 3G users having bb 6.15 should now jump with joy as iPhone dev team has released a newer version of Redsn0w i,e 0.9.15b3 that can be used to downgrade iPhone 3G/3GS baseband 6.15.00 to 5.13.04 with fixed GPS + ability to use stock iPSW again.

How to unlock/downgrade iPhone 3G baseband 5.14.02, 5.15.04, 5.16.00

Sam Deguzman
August 12, 2012


If you are having unlock/downgrade iPhone 3G baseband like 5.14.02, 5.15.04, 5.16.00, 5.16.01, 5.16.02 and want to unlock it on unofficial carrier..

How to fix iTunes error 21 while restoring

Sam Deguzman
August 12, 2012


Fix iTunes error 21 while restoring my iPhone 4 to iOs 5.1.1 and I accidentally switched off my computer while the restore was in progress.

Jailbreak iOS 6 beta 3 using Redsn0w 0.9.13dev3

Sam Deguzman
July 17, 2012

redsn0w-dev-ios6 beta 3

With the release of iOs 6 beta 3, iPhone dev team has pushed out an updated version of Redsn0w that can be used to jailbreak newly released iOs 6 beta 3

Download iOS 6 beta 3

Sam Deguzman
July 17, 2012


Apple has just released iOS 6 beta 3 build 10A5355d for developers with some bug fixes found in previous builds and with some improvements.

Make custom pop up notifications in iPhone

Sam Deguzman
July 15, 2012


Here comes a simple yet great cydia tweak from which you can make your very own pop-up notifications in iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Makemypopup is the name and it is available on Cydia for free.

How to install Windows 8 theme on iPhone

Sam Deguzman
July 13, 2012


Metroon, a newly developed theme for dreamboard is great way to give your iOS device a look and feel of Windows 8 phone. It almost completely turn iOs into Windows phone and it looks great, atleast on my iPhone. And I can say that it looks much better on iPhone than original windows phones

How to mute/unmute iPhone without Volume switch

Sam Deguzman
July 12, 2012

iPhone without volume switch

Got a broken volume button and are unable to mute/unmute your iPhone? Well, if you live with your iPhone around the world of jailbreaking then you will be excited to know that this problem can be solved without any hardware modifications.

Respring your iOs device faster using Springbot

Sam Deguzman
July 11, 2012

Using springbot

Springbot is a newly developed cydia tweak that can be used to respring your device quicker than any othertweaks. It resprings the device much faster than any other respring utility on cydia.

Give your icons some special effects using Aicon cydia tweak

Sam Deguzman
July 10, 2012


Aicon is a new Cydia tweak by Xvision that gives a new feel and look to springboard icons. It can be used on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running iOs 5.

How to Unlock iPhone 4 Gevey sim iOS 5.1.1 No service

Sam Deguzman
July 9, 2012

Gevey SIM to Unlock iPhone 4 baseband 4.11.08

Unlocking using gevey sim interposer can be challenging on some stubborn iPhones and my iPhone 4 is one of them. I was trying unlocking it using gevey sim running iOS 5.1.1 having baseband 04.10.01 but was not getting service. I tried every method but it was all a vain attempt.

iPhone is always using location service on iOs 5 Foursquare

Sam Deguzman
July 6, 2012

iPhone location service on iOS5

This thing was really driving me crazy. My iPhone 4 running iOS 5.1.1 was always using location service feature as a purple icon was always appearing beside the battery icon even if no app was running.

Download Redsn0w 0.9.15b3 for DFU IPSW feature and bug fixes

Sam Deguzman
July 6, 2012


iPhone dev team has just released another updated version of Redsn0w i.e redsn0w 0.9.14b2 with the ability to downgrade 6.15.00 baseband more precisely and bugs free.

How to install iOS 6 Twitter notification centre widget to iOS 5

Sam Deguzman
July 2, 2012

iOS 6 Twitter Widget

Tweeting from iOS will just get better and easier when iOS 6 gets released in fall. All you would is pull down the notification bar and then press ‘Tap to tweet’.