S.F District Attorney Says He’s Pleased With iOS 7 New Activation Lock

Sam Deguzman
July 25, 2013


One of the most wonderful and significant things The apple company created to battle smart phone anti-theft is a new protection function known as Initial Protected.

AT&T Announce Activating 3.7 Million iPhone In Q2

Sam Deguzman
July 25, 2013


These days the second biggest service provider In US AT&T has just declared initiating 3.7 thousand iPhone in the second one fourth.

‘Chrome Downloader Plus’ Adds Several New Downloading Features to Chrome for iOS

Sam Deguzman
July 25, 2013


Google Chrome for for iOS is a popular third-party Web internet browser provided by Search engines in the App Shop. It already comes with some pretty nice functions, but with the help of the jailbreak group, the program has the potential to be even better.

Color Keyboard Tweak Customize The Color Of Your iPhone Keyboard On iOS 5

color keyboard 1

Many jailbreakers really like to create their system take a position out from others with styles and such, but shaded computer keyboard is one of the most exclusive factors you can modify on your system.

Zephyr Jailbreak Tweak Enables Cohesive iPhone Multitasking Gestures


we have revealed a product new jailbreak modify known as Zephyr. This modify developed by the popular iOS designer, Chpwn and intended for iPhone and iPod Contact gadgets — allows you to get multi-tasking actions which is currently available on iPad with iOS 5 firmware.

Now Now Jailbreak tweak for your iPhone replaces Siri with Google Voice Search


When Siri was initially presented, it revealed a lot of guarantee but upon its launch and depending on almost all views echoed throughout the world wide web, Siri certainly did not stay up to its guarantee.

Barrel Cydia tweak updated with new mode

Sam Deguzman
July 23, 2013


All you have to do is just say the phrase Gun barrel, and individuals take observe. Yes, Gun barrel, the choice jailbreak modify, and probably one of the most powerful factors for jailbreaking your iDevice when it comes to visible variations, has been modified.

Cydia Tweak How To Make iOS 6 Look Like iOS 7


Thanks to the miracle of the iOS jailbreak, iDevice entrepreneurs with iOS 6 set up on their iPhone can create their smart phone…

3DBoard jailbreak tweak brings parallax effect to iOS 6

A Cydia modify launched these days allows iOS 6 customers operating a jailbreak to get Apple’s parallax impact, revealed in iOS 7 at WWDC yesterday. 3DBoard jailbreak tweak brings parallax effect to iOS 6 I must say that, while the parallax impact is a very easy function, it actually does […]

Go Desk Sakura Falling Cydia Tweak

Sam Deguzman
July 22, 2013

go desk sakurafalling 1

Go Table Sakura dropping is a cydia modify or add-on for the Go Table Cydia Tweak. Sakura dropping stay wallpapers is a stay wallpapers from GDT.

InstaSnap spice up Notification Center on jailbroken iPhones

Sam Deguzman
July 22, 2013


InstaSnap is a fast way for Notice Middle. Instead of getting the iPhone’s LED display, InstaSnap is a modify that allows you to easily accessibility the digicam from within Instagram.

Gotha Adds New Shortcuts to the Contacts App For Ease of Access

Sam Deguzman
July 22, 2013


If you use the Connections program often for easily getting to people you need to contact, then you might want to look into a new jailbreak modify called Gotha by iOS designer iphonconcept.

TorchNC spice up Notification Center on jailbroken iPhones

Sam Deguzman
July 22, 2013


Two new jailbreak variations have lately revealed up in Cydia by the same developer, and they both occur to concentrate on Observe Center. Particularly,

How to check iphones production year


A Easy Remedy to discover your Iphone Beginning Time frame. If you have an iPhone and you are just too interested to discover out the produce date of your system,

LastPic tweak allows you to easily share your last taken photo

Sam Deguzman
July 19, 2013


LastPic is a new jailbreak modify by designer Filippo Bigarella that delivers a useful function in Tweetbot known as “Use Last Picture Taken” to the inventory Information app on iOS gadgets.

RaiseToCall Lets You Call the Person You re Texting By Raising the Phone to Your Face

Sam Deguzman
July 19, 2013

raise to call

RaiseToCall is a professional modify that creates it so you can increase your iPhone to your experience in the center of sms information or iMessaging someone to start a trip with that individual.

TypeStatus Add iMessage Now Typing Indicator To Status Bar Cydia

Sam Deguzman
July 19, 2013


A item new jailbreak change known as TypeStatus is coming to the Cydia store, that allows you see the “now typing” indication in the place bar when one of your friends is addressing a idea using iMessage.

ActiveDock brings an OS X inspired dock to iOS

Sam Deguzman
July 19, 2013


When you listen to about an future modify cooperation between jailbreak group basics like Filippo Bigarella and Surenix, then the modify is fairly much intended to be excellent.

Bored With Those Wallpaper Images? It’s Time to Try LivePapers Cydia Tweak


Animated wallpapers are fun. So why deal with those boring images anymore? LivePapers, by iOS developer Porkholt Labs, is a new jailbreak application that just became available in Cydia Saturday afternoon.

Top 10 Cydia Tweaks 2013

Sam Deguzman
July 19, 2013

Top 10 Best Cydia Tweaks 2013 1. ActiveDock 2. TypeStatus 3. GridLock 2.0 4. Tap to Widgets 5. LivePapers 6. Cyueue 7. RaiseToCall 8. LastPic 9. PodSwitcher 10.Animer Click Here To Get Your iPhone Unlocked Now – For Most Worldwide Networks