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Samsung Galaxy S2 SIM Free- The most economical deal

Amongst the leading and the most popular mobile phone manufacturers; Samsung is probably the highest respected name. Samsung has been consistently delivering brilliance and excellence in the market of technology. The latest and the most popular mobile phone, introduced by Samsung, is the Samsung Galaxy S2.

The technological specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S2 surely deserve a mention here… Firstly, to mention the amazing dimensions of the Samsung Galaxy S2- they are just 125.3 X 66.1 X 8.49 mm, which makes it easier to carry the phone along with, quite comfortably. There are dual cameras. The primary camera comes with 8 MP, with auto focus and LED flash. The secondary camera comes with 2 MP, which comes in the front. Then the feature that deserves a mention is the display which is 4.3″ WVGA SUPER AMOLED Plus.

The memory too, deserves a mention. The internal memory comes with 16 GB/ 32 GB- while the external memory is expandable up to 32 GB with the help of a micro-SD.  It works on Dual Core Application Processor and the operating system is Android Platform 2.3. There are many other features in this amazing phone offered and designed by Samsung. But, we could run out of space- if we continue praising the phone, and also our main area of discussion could be missed out.

We should now try to understand the Samsung Galaxy S2 SIM Free. There are some deals that are available in the market of UK, such as- Contract Phones, Pay as you go and SIM Free. Amongst these, the deal, that is probably the best and the most comfortable, is the Samsung Galaxy S2 SIM Free. In this, the user has to purchase a mobile without SIM. She/he can use the SIM of any Network Provider, she/he likes and appreciates.

At any point of time, if the user wishes to switch the handset or the SIM; she/he is free to do so. It could be possible that the user might wish to change the service provider; but given the wonderful handset of Samsung Galaxy S2, the user would never wish to change the handset. This kind of deal is made possible as Samsung has tie-ups with many different service providers, such as- O2, Virgin, 3 Mobile, T Mobile, and so on.

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