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Xi’an Factory Warranty Management Innovation To Add Energy Production

Customers continually expand the overall fifth factory warranty service channels for workers to change the work style of cadres and innovation, improve warranty facilities management mechanism to protect the safety of production workers to reduce labor intensity, while greatly improved for the vehicle speed.

Three measures to improve Equipment by

Vehicle maintenance equipment Can be divided into general-purpose equipment and Service Special equipment, special equipment repair parts by function and operation is divided into car cleaning equipment, car supply equipment, dismantling of heavy equipment, processing equipment, lifting and moving equipment Automotive test equipment And so on. Currently, the total passenger fifth factory warranty Vehicle Maintenance Equipment to reach 137 units, in order to manage these devices, using, safeguarding, the fifth put the machinery equipment factory warranty use regulations, organize the team leader, Factory warranty equipment management staff to learn the knowledge, so that workers from the ideological understanding of the increased emphasis on equipment; Secondly, the emphasis on day to day warranty equipment maintenance, development of equipment maintenance, maintenance program, maintenance personnel day and night two of the machine hanging equipment, pressure vessels, electrical lines on inspection; third, warranty plant leadership to strengthen field management and found that timely repair of equipment failure, to prevent illegal operations staff, so that ground away, ground view, Wright said.

Borrow tools from leading tool to

Production in the warranty, the often used 18 lbs hammer, toe feet, around the sleeve tube, copper set of punch, Jack And other common tools, subject to conditions, it can not meet the manpower to set, staff can borrow each other, and sometimes necessary to use tools only to find someone to waste a lot of time, and the common tools frequently damaged or lost in order to reduce the working efficiency , while increased warranty costs. For this situation, the establishment of a common tool factory warranty, the spare house special place frequently used in production, workers kept personal inconvenience to the common tools, to arrange for a responsible and professional party veteran Liu Jun managed to do common tool to use, also registered in the control list of common tools to do classes in cross-ching, right through the Master Liu also tools to be carefully checked and found tools damaged and individuals. Established between the common tool to achieve through the tool from the tools to lead change.

Equipment innovations achieved remarkable results

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