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Why Unlocked Cell Phones are Great

To the avergae consumer they may think this is a great deal, that is until they decide to switch carriers, and at that point they discover they have to pay a cancellation fee, and not only that, their cell phoen will not work on any other network.For example, If I bought the new HTC HD phone form T-Mobile and decided I wanted to switch over to AT&T(and keep my cell phone) I would not be able to do this, as my phone is locked to only work with T-Mobile sim cards.

Another terrible situation that airies from this si that, if my phone breaks, and I am without insurance on the device, I would simply be out of luck.While you are in between contracts your cell phone carrier will not offer you any discount on cell phones at all, in fact, carriers usally mark up the price son their phones extrodanarily high.So If i were to accidently dorp my iPhone in water half-way through my contract, AT&T would charge me full retail price for a replacment.

Lastly, in 2 years times cell hones can become very outdated.So while you are stuck with your current phone for 2 years, all your friends could have the latest and most feature-rich cell phones.It is a proven fact that technology increases very much, even within a year.So in 2 years time, your cell phone would be very otudated.

So what is the solution? Consumers now have the option of purchasing unlocked cell phones from online retailers.Many online retailers offer cell phones that are not locked to any specific carrier, and the grea tthign about his is the prices are always much lower than the prices your carrier would offer you for the identical phone.So if you are in the middle of your 2 year contract and yoru cell phone get stolen,lost or dropped inw ater you can simply purchase a brand new phone online and save money as well, its a win-win situation.


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