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Why the Apple iPhone 5 is still a great buy

In the present time, the smartphone market is growing like a huge swelling ocean and innumerable companies are flooding the markets with new and unthinkably innovative and futuristic devices. There was a time when the very smartphone concept would create awe in the minds of the consumers. But now it’s just another thing and thus, in order to recreate the awe factor the hybrid devices are making way, such as the Phablets or the cameras with calling capabilities.

However, one name that is still synonymous with smartphones is the iPhone. Apple iPhone have been the most popular smartphone in the market till date. And the most recent version of the iPhone that Apple has yet offered to the consumers is the iPhone 5. Although, of course there are devices in the market now that claim to be more efficient than the iPhone 5, such as the recently released Samsung Galaxy S4. Apple is also preparing to give an answer back to the tech leader Samsung by releasing yet another new device that is rumored to be known as the iPhone 5s and is speculated to be launched during September of this year. But we will not talk about the upcoming iPhone here and discuss about the credibility of the ongoing model, the very popular Apple iPhone 5.

The iPhone 5 was launched by Apple in the month of September 2012. Being the latest, obviously the device has a lot of improvements as compared against its predecessor. It is sleeker than before and provides better and faster browsing experience to the user as compared to iPhone 4S, because of the device’s inclusion of great LTE capability. The iPhone 5 also offers a new stunning and vibrant screen packed with higher resolutions and a longer battery life as against its predecessor. Apple iPhone 5 also packs in a new tinier dock connector known as the Lightning.

Though the iPhone 5 is not a complete different device that could be called a revolution in the iPhone product line, the 5 improves almost all the aspects of the previous version and thus provides a much better performing device to the smartphone loving consumers around the world.

The iPhone 5 much like its predecessors are worthy of getting complements as far as design and built is concerned. This new device sports an aluminum unibody design language which gives it a great classy and expensive look and feel.  It is also 18 percent sleeker than its previous model and claims to be the world’s thinnest smartphone on offer along with LTE capabilities.

It is also much lighter than its predecessor and weighs just about 112 grams. Like the other iPhone siblings the new iPhone 5 also comes in only corporate colors of black and white.

Apple iPhone 5 offers a great, more vibrant 4 inch highly capacitive touchscreen which claims to posses much greater saturation than the previous version and makes the display completely sRGB.

Then again, the iPhone 5 display has the pixels as well as the touch sensors all packed in together in one layer instead of having them in two separate layers. Apple claims this as a real innovation. This technology also ensures that the iPhone 5 is sleeker and lighter apart from offering a crystal clear image display.

Thanks to the new iPhone’s new LTE connectivity, it has also become much faster than the predecessor iPhone 4S. The handset’s single-chip can support all the standard requirements including HSPA+ and DC-HSDPA. iPhone 5 features a dual-channel 5-GHz Wi-Fi connectivity as well, which translates to the peak connectivity speed of 150Mbps.

The iPhone 5 runs on a new and better A6 CPU, that is twice as fast as compared to the previous CPU.

The iPhone 5‘s battery allows a full day of work and play along with 8 hours of talk time and 225 hours of standby.

Like most of the other features, iPhone 5 has updated the very important factor of camera. The new iPhone 5‘s shooter comes along with a low light mode as well that the Nokia Lumia offers. It also has the power of Sapphire crystal. The primary camera packs in an 8 Megapixel sensor along with rear illumination and a hybrid infrared filter. You can get crisp photos thanks to the noise reduction feature of the camera. The new camera also offers faster image capture than the already fast 4S’s shooter.

The camera also has a new panorama capture mode that lets you to automatically take a panorama snap.

The camera offers a 1080p Full HD video capability and face detection. It also lets you take still pictures in the middle of a video recording.

Of course, the iPhone 5 also offers a front camera to enable video chat. The front shooter comes along with 720p, a rear illuminated sensor and face detection feature.

The iPhone 5 also offers an enhanced overall audio experience along with better microphones, in-built speakers and earPods. These ensure better quality voice calls, sound recordings and enhanced music listening experience with noise cancelation attributes.

Like everything else, the iPhone 5‘s dock connector has been updated as well. At present it is much more compact and the company has named it Lightning. It is fully digital and comes with 8 connectors along with an updated interface. The new dock connector is much better than that of the previous iPhone is also because it is reversible. While this may be a little thing but a very useful thing indeed, as most of us invariably faces the problem of trying to connect the wrong side of the cable to the handset when charging is required.

Finally, the real good news for those who don’t know it yet and is not a smartphone geek; all these improvements as well as upgrades of the iPhone 5 come for the same price tag as the preceding model iPhone 4S. With a two year contract the iPhone 5‘s 16GB variant comes for $199, while the 32GB and the 64GB are tagged at $299 and $399 respectively.

Author: Sanjay Kumar Negi

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