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Whats New in the iPhone 4S?

  Apple has stunned the globe by releasing a new iPhone variant – iPhone4s. Apart from scooting up the rear camera feature to 8MP it will be pre-loaded with new iOS 5. The end users can get to leverage from the new iCloud services along with iMessage SMS service on their new iPhone 4S. The iCloud service will allow users in storing data, apps and other data over the localized cloud space. Apple will offer free iCloud storage space of up to 5GB with auto sync options. Therefore, if a user buys an app or stores data over iCloud using their iPad they can access the same entities using their iPhone over iOS 5 over iCloud without managing the information all over again.

The iMessage feature will be a pioneering SMS facility allowing users in sending free text messages over iOS 5 enabled devices. The users will be able to send or receive messages from other iOS 5 users in their friends list. The telecom majors across the globe are already worrying that such features from Apple will affect their bottom line numbers in the long run. The end users who have cherished video recording will love the enablement of 1080 p HD recording capability in the new iPhone (iPhone 4 has 720p HD video recording mode). The users will be able to record high quality videos on their new iPhone 4S without any constraints at all.

Siri on iPhone 4S is another much talked about feature amongst the users. It will allow users in capturing voice commands and channelize tasks on the move. The feature will act against Google’s voice capabilities in order to boost the overall utility of the device. The users will be able to search web or look through the resources on their phone using the Siri assistant on iPhone 4S. However, analysts believe that the feature has been copied by Apple from the Android OS which offers competing Google voice search through voice recognition and suggestions. Apple has powered the new iPhone 4S with amazingly fast A5 dual core processor. The end users will be able to channelize options on the device in a faster manner without any constraints. The new iPhone 4S will boost the overall capabilities of request-response without any time lag at all. Therefore, look to invest in the new device without second thoughts.

The glazed up iPhone 4S has all the cutting edge features that were introduced by Android makes since its last release. The iPhone 4S proposition looks supreme for the business consumers too who would look to gain from iCloud service and stay in touch with their customers without any lapse. Apple is slated to launch iOS 5 update on its official online source by October 12 and the OS can be upgraded for free of cost by iPhone 4 and iPad users. However, iPod users might be required to buy the OS suite of iOS 5.x. The official information on the iOS pricing policy is yet to be disclosed by Apple.

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