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What You Ought To Know About The New Apple iPhone 5

It is true that we cannot cope up with the demands of our busy schedule and modern lifestyle without the use of technology; mobile phones being one of the most prominent technological innovations. Moreover, the advent of smartphone has changed the face of mobile concept, for better.

The new Apple iPhone 5 being a groundbreaking phone and has a lot to cater to your demands. The amazingly ease-to-use touch screen interface, the superb video playback, a high resolution display that is not only big and bright but also has high contrast and a web browser as good as a desktop computer make iPhone the best smartphone in the market.

Apple, on their part, has done an exceedingly good job in letting people know as to how good it would feel to own an iPhone and those who are interested in keeping up with the Jones’, iPhone 5 is a must for this year and maybe for years to come.

However, the million dollar question is whether iPhone 5 really lives up to the hype and worth such top dollars. Here are some of the facts that you can consider before buying an iPhone and maybe you can see reason as to why not to buy it.

The first thing is the price and though owning an iPhone 5 feels great, it costs big money. Though some people may be willing to shell out this type of money only to flaunt their possession; however, if you are only looking for similar features you can get those from a Blackberry or Motorola IQ, both having internet and email capabilities, at a much lower cost.

Moreover, if you like the touch screen concept and are in love with your music, you can try out any of the hundreds of phones that are available in the market at an affordable price. If you have noticed the iPhone advertisements, these are geared to lure teenagers and young adults; however, whether a teenager really needs a $500 worth of phone or not, is a debatable question.

The second most important reason for not going for a iPhone 5 is its battery. Apple had decided on soldering the battery to the unit rather than offering a proprietary or any standard cell phone battery, which means, if the battery of your iPhone dies, you cannot replace it.

You will definitely be scared to face a situation when, say, after 24 months, the average lifespan of cell phone battery, your iPhone battery dies and you have to buy a new set shelling out the same or even more money.

The third detrimental factor is the internet access and although the Apple iPhone 5 is perceived to have the best internet capabilities among all the smartphones, there are many shortcomings to its browser. Your iPhone may not be ideal to probe the internet quickly and since its browser’s search capabilities are severely lacking, your internet search becomes somewhat difficult and time consuming.

Another most important reason for not buying an Iphone is its memory capacity, which comes in 16GB and 32GB. Though you can watch movies at iPhone’s 4 inch screen and have excellent sound clarity through its external speakers, however, you have limited options of loading it up with your favorite movie clips and sounds.

Once you exhaust the available memory space, you need to delete or transfer some of the old items to PC or separate MP3 player; this is Apple’s marketing strategy, since if you face inconvenience regarding the storage capacity you will buy, maybe iPod, thus generating more revenue for the company.

The fifth reason for not buying an iPhone 5 is the service provider; if you want to use your iPhone, you need to avail AT&T’s cell phone service packages, which are quite expensive as these all include data and internet. AT&T has exclusive rights to provide service to the iPhones and hence they are not in a mood to change pricing.

This is the reason why you will find a number of hacked iPhones in the market that can be used on other networks and as long as Apple and AT&T’s agreement is in force, you can expect lot of hackers all around.

Another evident reason for not owning an iPhone is because it does not have the cut and paste facility. It is really surprising to see that the world’s one of the most advanced smartphones in terms of user interface, does not have this facility and is probably the only smartphone not to have this facility.

Hence, we can conclude that the Apple iPhone 5 is overpriced and totally over hyped; you can consider these factors before purchasing an iPhone.

Author: Steven Frosten

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