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What people expect in iPhone 6

With rumoured expectations and piling on reactions Apple is creating a buzz all around for its most awaited product iPhone 6. With not much days left for the launch there is hundreds of speculations as to what the product will have or what all new features are now coming for the users. After a monotonous range of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C there is much more to be given to iPhone lovers. With heating up expectations, iPhone is said to be the next generation handset with ample amount of smart features and has the capability to fight along all other high end smartphones. It can be the most pivotal devices in the market, here are some expected features that iPhone 6 will provide its users with.

LARGE DISPLAY: This time apart from a standard size of 4.5 inch iPhone 6 will be featured with a screen size of 4.7 inch which will give a clear look and large images, and much more easy to use phone that’s comes in the competition. With many expectations of a large screen mobile phone the memento for apple phones was lost and to bring all of these issues to an end iPhone 6 is been coming to the range of big screen smartphone.

WATERPROOF: With such a price users want many high end features for their phones protection and appearance, one such feature that iPhone 5 doesn’t had was the waterproof one and certainly now iPhone 6 is gearing up with this feature and is in speculations of that it will be able to take 12m drops to 10m of depth underwater. With this feature certainly iPhone 6 will get its luxury factor back, and as now even a not so good brand is coming with this feature so certainly it was a must for iPhone to come up with this feature.

MUCH BETTER CAMERA SPECS: As in case of smartphones, now users do go for better camera features and a high megapixel camera. iPhone certainly was not in the race for this, but with iPhone 6 it is expected to come with much better camera specs like it is being said that there will be imaging sensors for 1080p videos, 60 frames per second feature for face time camera. It is also being speculated that there will be a 13mp primary camera so that it can compete with the ones who are gaining momentum into the market.

NEW DESIGN: It is expected that iPhone 6 will come with better designs and looks, it will be featuring an enhanced iOS 8 and will be available in the market with models of 16GB, 32GB and 64GB and to even break few myths it may be released in 128GB version or can be extended up to this limit.

MORE COMPACT FEATURES: Swype keyboard may be expected in iPhone 6, a faster time composing message system which can be done with a digital keyboard, a fingerprint scanner which is new, created in effect to go poof from the pin system and this will help in saving the homepage sensor buttons.

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