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Uses of Factory Automation

Factory Automation is also known as Industrial Automation and tackles the various fields involving customized industrial robotics and machinery.  This type of automation has utilized different types of advanced technology throughout the years and is still considered as one of the fastest developing in the industry. It involves the utilization of machinery to perform specific tasks such as machine handling, identification and code reading.

Machine development is essential in factory automation as the entire concept revolves around the manipulation and programming of robotics for factory and industry usage. It can range from the simplest of orientation devices to the more complex manipulation of multiple programmed instructions and orientation types. It may also be fixed to perform only the programmed instruction it was designed for, or customizable to allow for variation in instruction and additional programming.

Factory Automation is brought about by initial conceptual design which includes the hardware and software design of the required robotics or machinery. System specification development follows and automation control systems are integrated.  Other areas include panel fabrication and installation and safety control installations. Documentation, inspection and monitoring is absolutely essential in order to keep proper track of the development as well as overall usage of the product which should only encompass what it is intended for, to avoid mishaps and accidents from occurring. With that there are several specific types of instrumentation that may be used in the manufacture of the needed technology, all of which should be properly assessed before its integration.

Though factory automation all revolves around the same concept, each manufactured product is specific for its particular usage and therefore relies on the overall design which is in accordance to its need.  Also, factory automation encompasses various industries including those of the life sciences such as medical and pharmaceutical equipment, packaging, food processing and automotive to name a few.


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