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Unlocking at&t samsung galaxy s2

Samsung galaxy s2 is a phone which has an Android system update. On the AT&T network, the device receives Android 4.1.2. It is one of the most efficient android devices provided by Samsung which is completely a GSM phone.
If the phone needs to be used with other GSM networks then the phone should be unlocked. As compared to earlier days, it is not that difficult to unlock the phone presently. To unlock the Samsung Galaxy S2, an unlock code is required. Once the Samsung galaxy S2 is unlocked, it can be used with any other GSM network or carrier. In most of the GSM or any SIM based mobile phones comes with a lock or SIM lock which prevents them to work with any other GSM network or carrier and by unlocking the phone would help the user to use other networks.
Following steps needs to be carried out in order to unlock the Samsung Galaxy S2 phone and to put our own SIM card:

1.    The network status needs to be checked first. By typing *#7465625# in the keypad, the network in the phone will be locked.

2.    The next task would be to get the phone’s IMEI number. For that we need to type *#06# in the keypad and by doing so the IMEI number would appear on the screen. This number needs to be taken down for later use.

3.    The network provider needs to be contacted to get the unlock code. Sometimes the network provider would not give the unlock code for 6-12 months. In such cases, the unlock code can be obtained by any commercial unlocking website.

4.    Once the network provider is contacted, they would provide the unlock code over the phone or we can receive it from email if contacted the unlocking website.
5.    Now the old SIM card is removed and the new or required SIM card is plugged in.

6.    The phone has to be switched on now. After doing so, the phone would ask for the unlock code.

unlock at&t samsung galaxy s2

7.    Type in the unlock code received by the network provider. This should unlock the phone from the current GSM network provider.
gh because it is struck to the original network where the phone has been bought. Once the phone’s unlocked, we can insert any other SIM and after the return of the trip, the original SIM can be inserted and used with the local network.

unlock at&t samsung galaxy s3

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