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Unlock HTC Legend – Basic Steps You Have To Follow

Still using a call and text phone? It’s time to retire it for good. People are now investing in smartphones for their innovative features. You get HD video playback recording, crisp multichannel audio technology, and instant Wi-Fi hot spot. With all of these amazing characteristics, you will surely want to own one.

Unfortunately, some networks sell these phones in contract bundles. Although some terms are acceptable, it is not always the case. If you’d like to get your handheld device unlocked, you should go on the Internet and type in keywords like “unlock HTC Legend” and “unlock HTC Hero”.

People do this for a simple reason. Exclusive contracts with specific mobile manufacturers tie up network providers. If you pick a phone from them, you may only use the SIM they provide you with. If you use another card, it is almost always blocked. It is always an issue, especially if you would like to use your own phone provider.

A simple procedure is all it will take to unlock HTC Legend phones. You can accomplish it in a few minutes. Follow these instructions and you will have your smartphone unlocked and ready to use. The best part is that you could use your preferred company to service your call and text needs.

If you’d like to unlock HTC Hero, all you do is turn it off and look for the IMEI number. It is located at the back of the phone’s battery slot. At times, it’s also on a detailed slip of information found in the box. If you can’t find it, try typing in this command – *#06#*.

Be sure to type this into your HTC mobile device. You’ll get back a 15 digit number output. This is the unique IMEI number of your phone. You should know this if you’d like to unlock HTC Legend or any other HTC phone model.

As soon as you do this, call your mobile operator and ask them for the unlock code of your phone. Sometimes, a company will provide this without asking questions. More often than not, they won’t do this. Unlocking your phone is equal to cancelling your deal with them. You do not have to pay for their services. Ultimately, they lose a cell phone and be affected by a loss in revenue from you.

When this choice is closed to you, download an application providing you with you with the unlock code. Just be careful when doing this. Some applications have Trojans and viruses inside them. It is advisable to download this from a safe and trusted website.

As soon as you download your program, you have to input the IMEI number and have the program produce the related unlock code for your cell phone. A case in point is unlock HTC Hero. Now that you have it, insert another SIM card then turn on your mobile. The screen will come up in which you need to enter the unique 8-digit unlock code. Input the code and then wait for the confirmation. In a few seconds, your cell phone is now unlocked.

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