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Things to know before you unlock your iphone

When Apple released the iPhone in the United Kingdom and marketed it as a truly global phone, they “forgot” to mention one tiny detail – when you get your iPhone, you will only be able to use it as long as you use the chosen provider’s SIM card. In this case, it was the premium service provider – O2. The reason for this could be anything between market monopolies to anti-piracy checks; in either case the people who suffered most were the normal people who bought the expensive iPhone. Well, thanks to the brotherhood of hackers and tech geeks out there, there are many ways you can unlock iPhone that was chained to the O2 provider. Let us learn a little more about O2 iPhone unlock methods.

Why do they come locked in the first place? – When a network like O2 ties up with Apple, they release the iPhone with subsidized rate plans. Naturally, they do not want the customers to use the subsidized rates with other networks. Hence, they “lock” the iPhones till a certain contractual period. That is obviously the official reason. Unofficially, most of us are aware that the networks compete with each other to build larger customer base. This competition results in locked iPhones. We, as users, cannot afford to get stuck in the middle and hence the idea to unlock iPhone was necessitated. There are a few O2 iPhone unlock methods. Let us clear our doubts about them.

Is it legal to unlock iPhone? – Well, it’s your product once you buy it. So, once it is yours you can do what you want with it. If you want to unlock your iPhone, it’s your right to do so. It is basically like changing your factory settings. However, you must know that once O2 iPhone unlock happens, your phone might lose some exclusive features that were part of that tie-up between the network and Apple. But to answer the main question and clarify all doubts, you are not breaking any law if you unlock iPhone.

So how do you unlock an iPhone with an existing O2 connection? – If you follow a monthly payment scheme, then you can unlock your O2 iPhone by simply living out the contract period and this method, although long, is free. If you subscribe to the ‘Pay as you go’ plan, then you can choose to get your iPhone unlocked by the provider itself. For that, you will need to provide your IMEI number, which is unique to every phone, and can be obtained by typing *#06# on your phone. Once this number is provided to the service provider, they will then go ahead and set up an unlock iPhone request which gets approved and implemented within two weeks.

Author: George Kyriacou

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