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The World of the Nokia Lumia Phones

People have been eagerly waiting since the earliest mention of the Lumia Phones to see exactly what exciting features these incredible phones have to offer. People sure were not disappointed when they were released as they were bought by what seemed like everyone and everyone was pleased.

The Nokia Lumia 800, given huge amounts of public coverage before its release promised to be super quick, super powerful and super special. One of a kind it certainly was, with Windows OS it had everything. A one-piece body with seamless connection from screen to mobile proved looks did count for something. A 3.7 Inch AMOLED, capacitive display showed off all the incredible features the Lumia 800 had. Sharp images, vibrant colours and vivid clarity meant everything you did on your mobile was clear and exciting. Playing games was more fun and writing simple messages was easier to do and easier to read. Also with the 1.4GHz processor this mobile had speed. So you could play games or load up the internet and not have to worry about waiting around for things to download, upload or just load. 

Then there is the stylish, beautifully curved Nokia Lumia 710. With delicate features it sure deceives its looks, offering powerful performance and fantastic features, you cannot deny this mobile has the edge. A 3.7 Inch ClearBlack screen is the most eye popping feature of this phone, showing off the fantastic graphics, picturesque colours and vivid clarity. Watch movies in clear pictures, play games that come to life and read messages and text easier than ever. A 1.4GHz processor, like its fellow Lumia, makes sure everything you do happens with lightening power. Play games instead of waiting for them to download, takes photos instead of watching the camera load up and browse the internet like you are on the best computer made. Packing the Windows Operating System means this mobile is full of entertainment, apps and games built to make your life easier. Music Hub, Social Hub, Games Hub, Photo and Video Hub and Office Hub to name a few of the exciting things the Nokia Lumia 710 has to offer. 

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