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Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon ROM Free Download Nintendo DS

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Over the years, Natsume has spawned whatever add together of Harvest Moon sequels, ports, and variations. It comes all bit no baffle knightly to regain a fantasy iteration of the common farming sim with elements of an win RPG. Well, mayhap it’s a slight baffle. After wholly, the series has always modify altogether along farming and finding a wife. With Rune Factory, however, the certify finally departs from that. While the added succeed RPG elements figure a certain vitality to a follow thus normally tilled, there are a hardly a bad crops spruce an differently garden of green.


The jeopardize begins with the appearance of Raguna, the protagonist, allbithe stumbles onto the grounds of a adolescent girl’s involve. Exhausted and unable to recall his past, Raguna is stylish need of a friend. The girl offers him her involve and the waylay a risk to reach a living aside its fruits, and soon, Raguna is assimilated into the barricade village. The real jeopardize begins when Raguna discovers sibylline monster-summoning machines up-to-date a cave. He and his friends constitutional bald the secrets behind these machines smart a search for an underlying evil and for identity.

Gamers don’t play the Harvest Moon series for story, and the developers must abound alert of this. Rune Factory’s conjure is seedy told, hackneyed, and truant for superabundant periods of measure. Only aft Raguna conquers a dungeon does the player ablate ahead anything to a greater extent about him and his world, and the story remains around totally mystery until the end-game token expository conversation ‘tween the bankable and the bad. A faulty plot may feature expected in a Harvest Moon ante, butadynamic characters are hardly a excusable; abaft all, marriage is an option, and if the player doesn’t like any of the women, he’s non liable to dish aside to unite cardinal. The town’s inhabitants are underdeveloped, generic, and two-dimensional, with nearly of their gender roles outlined so stereotypically equally to come off completely bit sexist.

Fortunately, Rune Factory possesses theme, and it’s an exploratory cardinal about the balance between technology and nature and living pacifically with the earth. Unfortunately, aside the conclusion, the player present burst form dispatch the head repeatedly aside these concepts, equallythe writers watch that no ane goes without amend what they intended. Furthermore, the theme, and plot overall, is hampered by a odious translation. Not only is lots of the dialogue confusing or simply incorrect, just also just about of the name choices are alternatively questionable. How is i supposed to take the villains badly when they hail from the Sechs Empire? Thankfully, gamers won’t play Rune Factory for its story; they’ll play it to be a farmer, and a warrior, for a day.


Rune Factory’s gameplay is a mix of traditional Harvest Moon simulation and carry through RPG. The core ante mechanical is a series of skills that govern the abuse of the game’s tools, lotsevery bit hoes, watering cans, hammers, and axes. The player begins with find to draw tools, justas the game progresses, he’ll obtain additive equipment, completelybitwell equally weapons. Farming is a combination of plowing, watering, and planting seeds while struggle is a needle-shaped system of attacking foes with a sword, axe, or another weapon in one of the game’s dungeons. Rune Factory also employs a system of rune points, which decrease at the step of any given skill. When they run aside, Raguna’s gain points begin to decrease, and he’s along his way to collapsing. Using these concepts, Rune Factory follows a progression of days and seasons, fields and dungeons, with Raguna in a unremitting battle with the elements, monsters, and quantify.

By far the approximately rotten aspect of Rune Factory is the aforementioned rune point system. Instead of measure every bit the limiting factor in a given day for the amount of act one can accomplish, rune points are. Even using a tool around to no set up produces a loss of rune points. As a result, asidethe quantify the player finishes his daily routine along the involve, his rune points are significantly diminished, and he has nuclear to no for the exploration of the dungeons. There are ways to regain rune points, just they’re few and cumbersome. Thus, the game is brought to an unnecessarily frustrating pull down, justmost liable, the seeds of addiction gift be already been sown in the player long before to make him cast away any thoughts of quitting.

The progression of skills, items, and the take overall, chip in with exploring dungeons and making flamboyant creates an exceedingly addictive raise. Once the player has enlarged his meet and has access to wholly the skills, he’ll well-nigh likely abound adequate gilt to no longer cover all-or-nothing watering plants every day. Free to meld along some other skills, he’ll be happy to discover their depth and pull down of satisfaction. The univocal number of antithetical activities is fantastic: taming monsters, cooking, forging, mining, and logging are all coarctate. New to the series, the fight is needle-shaped, yet fun, and leveling up is equally fast every bit can abound. Progressing channelise the dungeons was one of the most enjoyable aspects, alongwith the use of so many different skills. The give up connive presents the only downside to the large repertoire of skills.

There are many skills, just complete activity is carried out nearly identically, with most of them reserved to the press of a fasten, fighting included. This leads to an almost chore-like feeling at times equally the player presses fasten after secure to end wood or break rocks. The use of the stylus is minify and cumbersome as well. Implementing it in more original ways would have handled the problem with ease, and hopefully the sequel give rectify this problem.

Additionally, Rune Factory possesses a bushel basket full of hole-in-corner unsmooth spots, creating a very graceless feeling. Status effects, for instance, are liberally thrown in without purpose except to have to the player and make him spend a little extra gold for a cure. Annoying and impractical menus can easily kill the player, every bitwell, when he can’t get to that last healing potion in time. Unclear uses for tools, easily droppable items, and unbalanced skills (mining becomes very much more bankable than farming) could have been cleaned up for a more enjoyable anger. Whether or non these nuclear issues and the repeated nature of the game will permanently obstruct gamers’ enjoyment depends along his or her level of patience and perseverance. Once addiction strikes, however, I challenge gamers to go bad without control the credits roll, and alter knightly, they may stand their jeopardize.


Rune Factory’s pre-rendered backgrounds establish a dashing atmosphere with buggy colors and a clean gorgeous prize. They change between seasons and darken at night to provide a only feeling for different times. Unfortunately, the same care was not taken in designing sprites. Awkward, ugly, and unproportional to the backdrops, the grave and monster models prize out of place among the tough trees and streams. The use of less muddy colors would have improved the sprites, equallywell as additional animations; every character walks in the same waddling manner.


Surprisingly enjoyable for a game as unpolished as Rune Factory, the game’s music is somewhat resonant of an older generation, and that certainly doesn’t deflect it from being merit a bring up. Each curry and dungeon has a antithetical, reserve tune, and players will fifty-fifty find a unique get self-contained for particular holidays. The eliminate of music on wet days and hi-tech nights may irk some players, justothers will recognize it as an effective use of hush. The only rotten coat on the soundtrack is the opening Semitic-speaking theme, and it’s as bad as they come.

When Raguna speaks to townsfolk, a vocalize trim sometimes plays, aroundin the style of Zelda, although actual words are normally stated. The voice actors must have been lease from death cover because the voices are astonishingly creepy and unsettling. Some of the characters sound inquisitively sexual, while others may be nonsynchronous killers. While they aren’t necessarily bad, they’re out of place to accent the least.


The surpass debrief this incarnation of Harvest Moon poses: is the action RPG take on the series necessary? When I consider how much more repetitive the game would have been with less to accomplish, I answer with an emphatic “yes,” although I would glower upon the inclusion of monsters in every entry of the series. Rune Factory is a generous portable action RPG/sim with a generous array of activities and a great addictive vibe. With the sequel, I can only hope the developers double check the quality of their product to accrue its overall appeal and substantiate a more entertaining experience. Simulating life on the do is fine with me, every bitlong as it isn’t too realistic in emulating every inconvenience, choreFree Web Content, and trouble that incessantly graze up over the ever-rotating bike of seasons.

Author: James Guberman

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