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Reasons to Jailbreak iPhone

Jailbreaking phenomenon is gaining more and more popularity every day as it allows users to do what Apple would never let you do on your iPhone. Find out what features do you unlock by performing iPhone jailbreak

A lot of people hear about the term “jailbreak” and wonder what is it all about. Normally, the first thing that they will come to their mind will be the ability to use their iPhone on other networks like Verizon and Sprint. However, that is not entirely true. You can do much more than that by jailbreaking it. The user’s phone gains the ability to use apps that are not available through the Apple’s App Store and the most common way of getting those apps is via Cydia Store.

It also allows the non iPhone users to use their smartphone as hot spot, that allows you to use the phone as Wi-Fi router. Earlier, jailbreaking allowed the users to zoom in in pictures app and upload video to YouTube directly from the phone. With the introduction of iOS 4, these features are now a part of operating system.  

People often complain about how stale the iOS looks after couple of weeks of usage. Jailbreaking brings more customization to the user. For example: you will be able to put a lot more information on the lock screen. This information can be meeting information, new email or call you might have missed. Jailbreaking also allows the iPhone users to do FaceTime over Wi-Fi connection. The magic is done by the My3G app that allows you to do FaceTime over the 3G connection as well. This also means that you will be able to do FaceTime with your friends while on-the-move.

So, is there any downside? The most obvious one that comes to the mind is that it voids the warranty. However, if that is okay with youArticle Search, it is definitely recommended that you jailbreak your iPhone to open the new world of exiting features.

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