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Payg Prepaid Spain Or Spanish Sim Card Can Be Obtained In The UK

As the unlocking of an operator locked mobile phone that has a Spain sim card in it has been previously discussed the question that people will ask at this stage is how do they know if they have a mobile phone that is locked or not. The most practical way to check whether a phone is locked or not is by placing a sim card from another operator into the mobile phone in question. Another sim card for this purpose does not have to be purchased. It can be borrowed from a friend for this quick test. Once the other sim card has been placed into the phone and the phone works as it usually should, then the mobile phone is not operator locked. Conversely, if the mobile phone does not work as normal after the test sim card is inserted in it then the mobile phone is operator locked.

Another point or aspect of inquiry by people who have purchased and inserted a prepaid Spanish sim card from HolidayPhone will be whether the operator they use will negatively affect the correct operation of the Spain sim card in their mobile phone. If you are able to forward your mobile calls then the operator you work with will also be compatible with the operators that HolidayPhone works with. The payg Spain sim card or prepaid sim card obtained from HolidayPhone works for most operators and plans. People who are still not confident as to whether the prepaid Spanish sim card will work in the mobile phone with their respective operator, need to contact their operator and confirm whether the Spain sim card will work in their mobile phone or not.

If the situation occurs where a person has a sim card that cannot be forwarded then that person can still use the HolidayPhone payg Spain sim card by sharing the fixed United Kingdom 020 number, given to the person when they purchased the Spain sim card from HolidayPhone, with their friends, family or business associates. This means that other people will still be able to make cheap mobile phone calls to that person who is located in Spain. The cost of these calls is equivalent to the charge of a normal short distance call. People with locked phones can also update their voice message for their usual standard UK card, which they had in their phones before they purchased their Spain sim card from HolidayPhone, to say that they can be reached at a different mobile phone number as a result of them not being able to setup call forwarding.

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