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New Changeable Topography Technology Set for Iphone 6

Big news from the Apple rumor mill that is steadily gaining credability is actually from a previous iphone 5 rumor from a year ago. This is brand new innovation from the engineers from Apple. What they are calling it is the new Changeable Topography technology. Now this will revolutionize the way users interact with their touchscreen devices. Thusly Apple is working hard as we speak to get this new innovation patented, which we all know can take years hence the steadfast rush to keep this gem all only for Apple devices. If they can pull our this patent within the upcomig months it could create a serious gap in quality between Apple’s devices and the Android invasion.

I’ll give a quick explanation of why this will be different than the HTC Android 3D smart phone equivalent and why a patent is necesary to protecting Apple’s profit and reasearch and development. What sets “Changeable Topography” apart is that it selective. Plain and simple, when the iPhone 6 drops next year, users will have the choice to manually select what parts of the screen they would like to “pop out” off the screen and the Apple techonology will be intelligent enough to dim and “lower” the rest of the screen to enhance exactly what is being projected in 3D for Apple users. If Apple can get push through this patent within the year this will make the Apple brand the only devices with such techonology and keep them many steps ahead of the competition.

Now what “Changeable Topography” is quite literally in the definition of the word. While all touchscreen devices have some aspects already similar in background formatting, the iPhone 6 will be the first phone to have certain images on the screen elevate in 3D fashion to highlight its importance. Likewise the iPhone 6 will have irrelevant background clutter on screen “deflate” to give the user a more aesthetically appeasing experience. Where this technology will really come into play and be heralded is on internet browser applications and video and game media. Imagine watching a video where you not only have the option to zoom in but also lift the particular image off the screen, while subsequently all other aspects are lowered. The age of 3D is here and the iPhone 6 will have the top of the line “changeable topography” patented and ready to dazzle its users. As always stay posted for more information and news on the upcoming iPhone 6 features and specs; visit

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