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Monocalcium phosphate factory

With sulfuric acid decomposition apatite system of general calcium superphosphate, or general called calcium, the main composition is Ca (H2PO4) 2 · H2O and no water sulfuric acid calcium and a small amount of phosphoric acid, contains effective P4O10 14% ~ 20%, 80% ~ 95% soluble in water, soluble phosphate phosphorus, of phosphate fertilizer made directly, can also be used to the compound fertilizer. Used for fertilizer, glass manufacturing, plastic stability, livestock supplementary feed.

Packaging, storage and transportation polyethylene bag lined with plastic woven bag packaging, food additives coat the net weight of each bag is 50 kg. Shipping quality see edible dihydrogen phosphate calcium. The physicochemical properties of three inclined crystal is colorless crystalline or white crystal powder. The relative density of 2.22 (16 ℃). A slight hygroscopic, easily soluble in hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, slightly soluble in cold water, hardly soluble in alcohol. In 30 ℃, 100 ml water soluble calcium dihydrogen phosphate 1.8 g. Aqueous solution of heating water solution, show acid hydrolysis is for ZhengLinSuan calcium hydrogen. In 109 ℃, 203 ℃ when gesso lost is broken down into partial calcium phosphate. Should be stored in a dry, ventilated warehouse, prevent clean damp, heating, should with the poisonous substantes.

Monocalcium phosphate in the role: slow granule food; Loose agent; Surface with the increase nutrition supplements, improvers yeast email, emulsifier, curing agent, antioxidant synergistic agent, stabilizer. As for flour, cake, pastry, baked quality improver, MaCaJi. Phosphorus acid calcium hydrogen, a kind of chemicals for phosphoric acid and calcium, the reaction products, the product is a white powder; Odorless, tasteless, and in rare hydrochloric acid or dilute acid nitrate easily dissolved.

Feed-grade Monocalcium phosphate:
1, catalytic legal take feed for DCP process.
2, low rates sulfur acid hydrometallurgical production feed-grade linsuanqinggai.
3 and low grade LinKuangFen ontheleaching phosphate method.
4, second sintering production feed grade off three methods of calcium phosphate fluorine.
5, fluidezed bed with coal as fuel to take off in the manufacturing method of fluorine phosphate.

Other food additives: Sodium Saccharin Stevia Extract

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