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Make Your Own Beats On Your Iphone – Drumtracker App Review

A lot of people have been swept up in the iPhone craze and I’ve been pulled in to it as well. As any Iphone owner will tell you, one thing that comes along with ownership is lots and lots of app.  The first thing I searched for was all of the music apps are available. I have to be honest, there some really good ones, and some really bad ones. Overall I was pretty surprised, actually. There are plenty of guitar and bass apps, synthesizers, and drum machines. You can find just about any time of music related app you’re looking for. Related Articles How to Make Good Rap Beats How to Make Hip Hop Beats Instantly Make your Own Beat Making Your Own Hip-Hop Beats Without a Studio

I found a drum machine app called DrumTracker by Simple Is Beautiful, and after reading a few reviews of it and realizing it had many of the features I wanted, decided to splurge my hard earned $1.99  on it. It’s actually pretty damn good little beat making program. For starters, it has a lot of classic drum machines in it, like the old 808, 909, 606, and a good number more if you’re looking for extras.  It includes a bass program, bells and a sitar (?!)

Along with the great sounds this app delivers, it also allows you to program patterns, adjust pattern length, mix and pan each individual part and string your patterns in to songs. But the standout feature for me is that you can save your beats as .wav files  and e-mail them yourself for later us in an editing program on your computer. This, to me, is one of the best features of having this app on an iPhone. If you’re away from home somewhere and you have an idea for a great beat you can put it down instantly and save it or e-mail it to yourself.

The app has crashed on me a couple of times in the middle of making a beat. This is my only major complaint. And while it’s only one complaint, it is a big one.

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