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Looking at the i9000 Galaxy S from Samsung

The Galaxy S is the latest phone from Samsung. Boasting an impressive feature list and incorporating perhaps the best screen currently available, this well could be the handset to own in 2010. The third of Samsungs offering that run on the Google Android OS, the “TouchWiz” user interface on the Galaxy S makes the phone easy and fun to use. As is true of most smartphones currently available, the home screens rely heavily upon the use of widgets. Perhaps the most appealing of these on this new model is the friends and updates widget, which keeps the user up to date with the status updates of friends on various social networking sites. Looking rather similar to the iPhone, the Galaxy also feature four static buttons at the bottom of each screen. These are used for what really are the most basic, everyday functions available, Phone, Contacts, Messaging and Applications. A neat touch on the phone is the addition of active, animated wallpapers, meaning the screen has a real wow factor even when its not in use. The “Smart unlock” feature has also been included, as it was on previous TouchWiz interfaces. Simply put, this allows the user to draw a letter on the screen, and that letter can be assigned to a function so it opens automatically. Its little touches like this that make the Galaxy S a really attractive handset. One of the major draws of the Samsung Galaxy S is its very impressive screen. Measuring 4 inches, the screen features Super AMOLED technology. This means that everything is incorporated into a single sheet of glass, rather than between the two sheets as is found on LCD. This results in a thinner display with wider viewing angles and much deeper natural black colours. Naturally the screen is also a capacitive touchscreen, meaning excellent responsiveness to the users touch. This gorgeous screen is housed within the 122.4 x 64.2 x 9.9mm body of the Galaxy S. The weight is also impressive at just 118 grammes. The impressive multi media facilities stretch to a 5 million pixel camera featuring geo tagging and autofocus. However perhaps the most impressive aspect of the camera is that it is capable of shooting video footage at 30 frames per second in a resolution of 720p, or in other terms High Definition. If your planning to uses the phone as an MP3 player, then this audio format is supported along with a host of others including AAC and WMA. The Samsung Galaxy S is a hugely impressive handset thanks to the size and Super AMOLED technology of the screen, alongside the host of nice features that the phone offers. For the people who are looking for a good alternative to the HTC’s and the iPhone’s, the Galaxy S is certainly worth a look. The Samsung Galaxy S and the Blackberry 9105 Pearl 3G are coming soon.

Author: Emma Rosher

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