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Jailbreaking 3GS Phones Can Be Fun!


3GS is a new technology that literally refers to the phrase “third generation”. The technology boasts advancements above and beyond older technologies, including faster data transmission (hence the “S” in 3GS) and global roaming capability. 3GS is most often associated with cellular phones and is also used for Internet connectivity and high-speed web surfing.  It is also used to send video and audio calls, and to download or upload data. In addition, it includes enhanced video streaming and support for Internet TV.Unlocking devices has been heard of with older technologies, but now, in increasing numbers, consumers are dying for new programs and fun additions to use with their fancy brand new phones.


In the past, there has been some controversial ideas going around in regard to whether  jailbreaking 3GS devices is a legitimate practice or should be considered unlawful. There has been a sort of  nebulous area in regards to this until this issue was eventually addressed by the U.S. Library of Congress. There was a decree announced that confirmed it was legal unlocking devices. Because of this fact, there is now officially no legal consequences for doing this, and unlocking a device is not a violation of copyright laws or criminalized in any way. Keep in mind, once a phone has become hacked, the company will cancel the warranty and will not provide support if this knowledge comes to their attention by some way. This means any software programs that you install on your phone that are causing issues must be uninstalled, and the device consequently returned to its manufacturer set defaults) before any work or assistance will be offered. And of course, if your device is past the guaranteed period, this is not a problem, so you can do what you desire without any consequences at all.


Programs that will teach you how to jailbreak 3GS phones can be found on the web for instant download. Usually there is a single download price, and rarely do these companies ask for additional installments on a monthly or annual basis. While most jailbreak software can accomplish this, there are a few variations among them. Henceforth, a tad bit of research may be necessary before you decide upon the program that you like the most. Checking forums on the Internet and getting advice from other users may be beneficial. But at the end of the day, in the end, it  comes down to price, ease of installation, or any other feature of the software you decide is the most advantageous.


Once you have hacked the phone, you are now able to install applications, ring back tones, or almost anything else that is available. This is only one of the awesome benefits of having such a modern phone that should be utilized to its fullest, regardless of how the manufacturer might feel about  this opinion. Fortunately, unlocking have the legal system in their corner, and aside from voiding the guarantee, manufacturers can’t do much about it. The fact is, everyone wishes to jailbreak 3G phones so they are able to utilize the technology in every way possible. Your jealous friends might attempt to persuade you, but you don’t need to listen. It’s your phone – do anything you want with it!



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