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IPhone 5s recently launched technology and apps review

Whenever we talk about the smartphones, iPhone occurs first in this particular segment, which has advanced multimedia and internet facilities, variety of apps, iSight camera, touch screen and attractive design, which makes the iphone smarter. Apple has reduced the price of its older versions of iPhone because of the launch of its 2 new versions of smartphones i.e. iPhone 5S and 5C. IPhone 5s brings a range of new features to tempt users to upgrade to newer versions of iPhone.


In this article there are specific added attributes of iphone5s that tends to make it ahead of its time. A fingerprint identity sensor, making it much harder for unauthorised users to get access to information stored on device if it’s lost or stolen. A much better, faster camera, which has a dual-LED flash, the Burst and Slo-Mo modes which lets you hold down the shutter button and take 10 shots per second, and shoot video at 120 frames per second at HD 720p respectively. iPhone 5S comes witha non-removable battery which has longer battery life than any other versions of its family. New A7 chip (64-bit architecture), with a second M7 coprocessor is been introduced by Apple in iphone 5s, which makes the performance smooth, quick access to web pages and apps, and easy handling of videos and games by A7. Also the new A7 64-bit chip allows 5s to increase the RAM, on its smartphones. M7 coprocessor has ability to read data from sensors that tells the phone if it’s moving or not, which means that if you are not using your phone and it is kept idle, the processor will sense it and will not allow the phone to be switched off. The M7 coprocessor has also ability of switching Apple Maps navigation from driving to walking. ICloud allows you easy access to your content no matter if you’re using your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac.


Built in apps in iphone 5s –  

Some of the built in apps you will find in iphone 5s are iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, iPages, Numbers, Keynote, iTunes, URemote that allows you to turn your iphone into photoediting,moviemaking,musicrecording,memoir,writing,presentations,number-crunching sharing mobile powerhouse which are free of charge.

Some of the apps which your iPhone5s must include-

 At this time there is more or less no limitation to what iPhone can certainly carry out.

The App Store is place where you will find the best selection of mobile apps anywhere and there are over millions of them. All these apps are particularly intended for iPhone because of which individual gets best experience to utilize them. You actually can easily access and purchase apps through these categories of iPhone which are education, entertainment, news, productivity, and games, almost all in a single destination. Some of it are mentioned below.

iMathematics, Learn English Grammar (UK Edition), , Ringtones For iPhone iOS 7, Free, Gmail, CamScanner, Free iTranslate – free translator & dictionary, iTransfer – Share Files with Ease, Sketch Pad 3 – Unlimited Canvas, Password Safe – iPassSafe free version, Quickoffice – edit Office documents, Microsoft Lync 2010 for iPhone, WiCall Business – High quality Internet phone calls, Video Tube Free for YouTube, FIFA for iPad, twentyfour7 Football, Wrestling Quiz (English, Italiano), iCook Italian and much more.

                As per the newest trend iOS is being used globally and is spreading rapidly, iOS operating system in iPhone, iPad and iPod handles all the operations of iPhones. According to the techland report the iOS users are spending extra money on apps compared to the other platform. The smarter way to make your iPhone unique with different valuable features is when you add any new application to your iPhone. Many developers are moving towards the learning of this iOS technology in order to create their own apps and earn benefits and move along with this technology.

One of the organization is Eduonix learning solutions which aims to identify and provide the best learning and training environment. Eduonix offers training on iPhone, iPad and lot more. iOS apps are most profitable over Smartphone platforms, active app users, and also it provides great opportunity for any developer to build apps. You can learn and master yourself in iOS programming by attending those courses. Along with iOS you can also learn Android Programming, HTML5, Ruby on Rails, WordPress course from the basics which are also some of featured courses of Eduonix which helps in web development.

For more information on iOS tutorial or other web development languages visit at

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