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Iphone 5 Buzz Update

The iPhone is our generations wonder toy. It is to this decade what the Walkman was to the 80s, and what the cd player was to the 90s. Our daily activities now revolve around our iPhones. The current version of the iPhone has a 720p resolution screen, still operated via heat sensors via touch, it has a high resolution digital camera, and also functions as a MP3 player. All of this is in addition to its main function of a mobile phone. Every time a new version of the iPhone is buzzed about, rumorville goes crazy with new and upcoming ideas and word of mouth. More often than not, these rumors are started by the Apple corporation themselves via social media leaks. Why would Apple leak certain information? The answer is simple. Apple wants to see what reaction the public provides to their leaks. Depending on popular some leaks are, Apple decides to go ahead with the new feature or function. This strategy was master with the release of the original iPhone. Apple first leaked information that it was working on a cell phone, but released no other information other than it would be a multimedia sensation. This leak got the technology world running in circles to determine what ideas were being thrown around in Apple. Bloggers were trying to get insight information from possible suppliers of products to Apple.

The new iPhone 5 is no different to this buzz and leak strategy. We have already seen a lot of new ideas surface over the past weeks. These ideas range from a higher resolution screen, to a faster processor, to even addition features that could be applied to new applications. One such feature is a pulse oximeter. A pulse oximeter, also known as a pulse ox by some medical professionals, is a medical device used to measure the blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate of individuals. In recent years, the popularity of pulse oximetry products has exploded with the invention of the finger pulse oximeter. A finger pulse oximeter is a very compact device that uses a simple laser to take its measures. The feature could be used by individuals who suffer from respiratory related illnesses, and athletes. Apple wants to focus on both types of users, since it has seen both free and paid applications targeting these individuals soar in popularity.

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