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In Just 10 Short Years, Synthetic Oil Will be Standard Factory Fill

Perhaps some of you had already saw this coming and for those in the PCMO (passenger car motor oil) industry see this as no real surprise. Synthetic Oil sales are the only segment of the oil industry that sees an increase in sales every year.

So what’s the big deal about synthetic oil? For starters some synthetic oil manufacturer’s are actually guaranteeing a specific oil drain intervals. Some as high as 25,000 miles and others are starting to experiment with 10,000 to 15,000 miles. At any rate the facts are starting to show that synthetic oils can easily withstand drain intervals well past the typical 3,000 mile drain intervals that some quick lubes still try to preach.

The conflicting information on when is the best time to change your oil can go from one end to the other, so who do you believe? The United States will sooner or later be following what all of Europe has been doing for decades. The typical oil change interval in Europe is about 1 year or 25,000 miles.

This is why you will more then likely see synthetic oil as the standard oil in most new cars. In fact you will probably see this day come well within the next 10 years. Most consumers today are leaning towards convenience and paying slightly higher prices for high quality synthetic oil. Longer drain intervals not only make practical sense, but the longer we can stretch drain intervals then the less waste oil there is to dispose of.

GM is about to introduce a brand new oil spec in the next coming months that will have nearly their entire fleet on extended oil drains. And what happens when one manufacturer goes out on a limb with a new concept? You can bet that the others will follow. This is why you see an across the board interval in all of Europe, it doesn’t have anything to do with the make of car, but the quality of the oil.

The United States has been so far behind in this area that the speed of developing new and better oils is now going at a break neck speed. There are a few very good synthetic lubricants right here in the United States and in fact one will guarantee an interval of 25,000 miles. Do your own research and listen to others that already have experience with extended drain intervals. Once you see the dramatic performance difference you will become a believer.

Our past predictions have all come to pass and every one of them as been right on. No one believed us when we said the 3,000 mile oil change interval would be extinct, but as most can plainly see that day is already here.

It’s fairly safe to say that synthetic oils will be the standard to which all oils will be compared? Hardly not, we see this as a very conservative estimate, but you don’t have to wait any longer to start experiencing the benefits of high quality synthetic lubricants.

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