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Huawei and ZTE interfere in the government

And foreign patent not stop the war, the Chinese telecommunications industry, “Gemini” Huawei and ZTE has also “in the same room,” Cao Ge. Huawei, the largest telecommunications equipment manufacturers to patent and trademark infringement of its own grounds, the three countries in Europe, filed suit on ZTE, ZTE immediately respond to a counterclaim in the country. The industry believes that behind the disputes highlighted in the process of evolution to 4G, equipment, increasingly fierce competition among providers. 
ZTE experienced peers patent siege 
The evening of April 28, Huawei announced that it would infringe the company data card, LTE patent and trademark rights in the name of the official in Germany, France and Hungary on the same Chinese company ZTE to institute legal proceedings. The indictment should include: alleged infringement of ZTE Huawei data card and LTE technology on a series of patents; without permission Huawei, in the illegal use of the data card Huawei products are registered trademarks. 
After only 20 hours, the afternoon of April 29, ZTE said in a statement issued a counterclaim, was the day “in China, including ZTE, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. violated the Fourth Generation Mobile Communication System (LTE) to submit the complaint a number of important patents.” Huawei, ZTE request the court to stop the infringement, and liable for damages caused by infringement of other legal responsibilities; subsequent ZTE will continue to be a global legal means to protect their intellectual property rights, ensure the legitimate rights and interests. 
This is less than a month time, ZTE suffered from the second pile of patents peer siege. April this year, Ericsson in the UK, Italy, Germany also initiated three patent litigation against ZTE. 
Huawei, ZTE accused of “long-planned” 
Patent litigation is commonplace for the communications industry, but fratricide also rare. This time the charges and countercharges rivals ZTE and Huawei, are not only two Chinese companies, but also from Shenzhen started together, along with overseas markets, but also broke into the world communications market with the top five. 
The brothers go to war with the door, ZTE said he was helpless a person in charge that Huawei launched the lawsuit “has long been premeditated,” was to use the Ericsson ZTE indicted earlier this month of the machine, so ZTE attacked front and rear, to prevent its development in Europe. ZTE side said Huawei selected on April 28 announced the prosecution of Restoration “ulterior motives” because the day of ZTE in Malaysia won the European operator Te-lenor (Norwegian Telecom) in the local deployment of 5,000 HSPA + / LTE sites 4G contract, which may Huawei Technologies and Telenor will affect the future of Europe on cooperation between other projects. 
ZTE report also shows that ZTE in China last year, sales growth of only 5.9% in Asia outside of China increased by only 3.87% and 50.26% significant increase in Europe, in Africa, also increased by 55.07%; Huawei financial report also shows that In 2010, China’s domestic market, sales of only 9.7%, well below the 33.8% of its overseas growth. 
An industry source said, because 4G new global enclosure movement has anchor, the sibling was a joke gave the outside world for the loss of a city preoccupied with a pool.

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