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How to Make your iPhones Better

Technology is always improving itself and iPhones are a great example of such. Overtime, the iPhone series have become popular among masses and is now becoming the ultimate phone for both business and pleasure. Of course, since the advent of its pioneering model has not totally satisfied a lot of people it has gradually been improved to meet such needs. This is the reason why a lot of users feel cheated when a newer verison of iPhones is released in the market. For instance, your old phone may not include a time tracking software and the newer version does. 

But don’t fret of your older version of iPhone. For there is another method for you to upgrade it without spending too much money. For one, you can sell your current iPhone on eBay for you to fully pay for a brand new one. You may find it difficult, but actually it’s not as bad as it seems. As such here are some steps for you to sell your iPhones and have it upgraded in no time.

1.    It is a fact that new phones sell quicker on eBay. So if your “old” modeled iPhone has damage beyond repair of the Apple store, they will most likely replace it for free. For instance, if your screen has some burns in them or your battery life does not hold up then they’ll be glad enough to give you a replacement for your convenience. Whether they’ll fix it for free or give you a new one, you’ll be better off than having your defective iPhone in use.

2.    Next thing you need to do is unlock your iPhone for it to be used by other carriers. This process known as jail breaking is very effective in increasing your number of clients. Good thing the unlocking process is quite simple. All you need to do is just run the “QuickPwn” software on your phone and it will be unlocked in just a few minutes. Pretty simple, right? By doing such, your iPhone will be much sellable and increasing the bid.

3.    You can then start selling your iPhone on eBay once the line is open. Usually a 5-day auction is enough for you to sell this hot item; plus, you need to take a good photo of it for added sellable charm. You can even boost your bidding by selling your iPhone to international clients. With your iPhone having an open line, you will definitely obtain more money than what its original price is.

4.    EBay contains a lot of featured listing options that can help your sale items sold much faster. By choosing any of the featured listing options, you will definitely make your auction more popular than any iPhone sellers out there. For example, you can make our auction appear on the top of the search list if you choose the $10 option for a much faster salability. Furthermore, you can even add more options if you want to, but just be careful when you do so. It is best that you strategize your sale to make excellent money.

5.    Furthermore, you can separately sell your iPhone’s accessories on at eBay. This will truly make your iPhone sell a lot quicker because people will buy items on what they think they only need. Although you can sell these items separately, it does not have a quicker response as when you sell your iPhone as a complete set.

6.    Lastly,  you can sell your iPhone at a much higher price than of its set price if you know how to play your cards. Much like how you’ll be impressed on having various time tracking software, gaming software and the like installed in your iPhone, so will you be more impressed when you earn a lot of money once you sell it. Veteran sellers on eBay are expert on this kind of business and are glad to give you some tricks on getting the right price as well as upgrading your account to a much larger size. This way, you’ll be aware on how you can effectively sell your iPhone at eBay and buy the latest model to use.

Author: Josh Walters

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