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Facts and specs for the Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2

The rugged 4 inch handset was officially announced prior to the 2013 MWC, the showcase for the biggest mobile phone brands in the market. As a follow up to the original Xcover, the 2 promises to also be protected against the elements, with the Xcover 2 capable of withstanding dust, sand and even water for up to 30 minutes of dunking time. Related Articles Samsung Galaxy XCover As opposed to other cell phones The Samsung Galaxy XCover Samsung Galaxy XCover Specs Samsung Galaxy R deals-R for the right attitude

It slightly goes without saying this is a handset designed for those with an outdoor lifestyle, or those that use their phone is an environment where it might fall in water or have to withstand sand or dust. Saying that, Samsung have also made sure that the Galaxy Xcover 2 has a preinstalled Cardio app, with also an improved GPRS feature, promoting 20% more accuracy when in rural areas. This is definitely a phone for those who plan of running in the hills on a regularly basis.

As for the specs, this type of phone is never going to be as good as the top of the range models, simply because with all the other additional features, the price would be astronomical. However, the Xcover 2 is still quite impressive as a mid-range phone. It does of course run the Android operating system (it’s a Galaxy after all) and this one comes with 4.1 as default – also known as Jelly Bean. it is powered with a dual core 1GHz processor, which certainly isn’t a slouch of a processor by any stretch. It also has 1GB of RAM, making is more than efficient at multi-tasking with apps and not slowing to a halt.

For those who will be trekking the hills, you’ll also be happy to learn that the phone has a decent 5 megapixel camera, so if you’re out on a sunny morning, looking down on a beautiful landscape, you’ve got a phone capable of capturing the moment.

Being such a handy phone for those with an outdoors lifestyle, I also think it is worth mentioning that if you also travel internationally as much as I think you do, then you might want to get the Xcover 2 unlocked. International travellers can save money using SIM cards from local networks when abroad, and this will help with that.

Aside from that there isn’t much else to mention. The screen size is still good enough to be a smartphone, but isn’t too large that it will become a hinderous when running or trekking. Very well thought out and one I’m sure will be popular amongst those it is set to serve.

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