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Ebay Online Shopping Questions And Answers

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Is buying jewelry wholesale and selling it on ebay profitable?
I want to make money on ebay, but I wanna do it with something that’s small and easy to ship so I thought of jewelry. It depends on your customer and what trends in jewelry are hot and not. Set a time hinder try it for six months if your…

Is buying makeup from ebay undamaging?
i wanted to buy the 120 color makeup palette on ebay since it was the cheapest that i found. and i was wondering if anyone have bought any makeup from ebay or has gotten that product that i want from ebay. i’m scared about the intact lead deal in the makeup and i really…

Is buying makeup through ebay out of danger?
I’ve been wonderin this whole thing for reasonably a long time… my mom always warns me not to buy stuffs online because it’s not reliable.. but i always needed NYX single eyeshadows.. no one sells it here in australia. what do you suggest of ebay?? oh and btw… what does paypal do??…

Is buying on ebay next to a credit card reliable?
i don’t want paypal, I just want to use my credit card.Do they find out everything about my credit card like that?I don’t want the buyer to know my information. Why not use PayPal? You set up your credit card on PayPal once and to be precise it. The seller…

Is buying on eBay protected?
I recently started looking on eBay and plan on buying a big stack (66 issues) of Rolling Stone Magazine for $0.99. And a movie script for $8. But what i want to know is if it’s safe? I mean i’ll foot using PayPal and everything and i’ve asked questions about the product and everything but…

Is buying on ebay risky?
It can be, sometimes you can think you’re buying something that works, and you get it and it’s a complete piece of ****, always watch out when buying something on ebay. Its a possibility, sort sure to see if it’s new or used. I would be more cautios of used items. Also check the person…

Is buying pane tint on ebay undisruptive?
I want to buy window tint for my 98 corolla on ebay and was wondering if its safe? If its correct material you can buy it at any parts store or walmart to fit can find it by typing into search box car pane tint Every autoparts store I’ve ever visited sells window…

Is buying past its sell-by date brand laptop battery on ebay a doomed to failure concept?
Even if it’s from a reputable seller? I have a Dell Vostro and the batteries from the Dell website are mode overpriced “> I’ve read articles that it’s the circuitry within the battery that prevents it from blowing up unexpectedly. You’re taking your chances….

Is buying PC games on Ebay trial?
So I bought a game called Portal off of Ebay. The serial code didn’t work and I get my money refunded. Do I still have legal rights to the activity? Is it legal for me to look for a key generator to make the winter sport work? Can I get a cracked version…

Is buying prom dresses from Chinese seller on eBay a risk? (details below)?
I wanted to buy this dress:… The seller’s feedback is OK but I am very very anxious that it will turn out to look much less glamorous than in the photo! Has anyone had any experience next to this previously? you can find you…

Is buying sims 3 collectors edition past its sell-by date eBay locked?
I’m just a little suspicious since it is only $84.95-$89.95, but postage is 14.95 which would be duplicate price as if I just went to the shop and bought it. I live inh Australia by the way. it comes out June 2, 09 surrounded by america. I wouldnt…

Is buying the ingenious High School Musical script on ebay (or anywhere for that matter) endorsed?
I was thinking of doing it as a humorous interpratiation for forensics. It’s not like i’ll be charging or anything. Of course it is. Good Luck with your program

Is buying things from Ebay degrading?
I buy from ebay quite often. When I mention it to some people, I draw from this reaction from them which is like.eeew or a smile. No. I conjecture if your happy with the results and the items you purchase, the hell with them. You would probably carry the same reaction from them if…

Is buying things from Ebay really the instrument to budge?
….the agency to go where? You forgot to finish your question! Just look at Ebay’s revenues. That should give an account you they are doing pretty well. To the tune of Billions each year! There is actually a company launching an auction site this weekend call Dubli. They are from…

Is buying TRUE estate on ebay a rip past its sell-by date or the tangible item?
it can be both on the negative side anything you attempt to buy on ebay can be a rip off. including but NOT exclusively real estate. Its up to you as a buyer to do your due diligence and consequently decide if you are…

Is buying unknown items for a greatly low price locked on ebay?
There was a brand new iphone for like $40 and a ipod touch for $0.99. Im guessing that that’s only to get people to look and for the bid to go up. yes it’s safe just make sure its not a knockoff, if it is coming from china…

Is buying unlocked phones from hongkong on ebay a righteous perception ?
just wondering. I have tmobile here in the us and a short time ago want a more up to date phone for a cheap price, so i was looking around on ebay and came across some great deals.. And another point how are they able to sell brand…

Is buying vehicle subwoofers on Ebay a righteous great?
I searched on Ebay and found “new” Kicker subwoofers for a very low price. Can I trust Ebay to buy working car amps and speakers? i would get the subwoofers directly from a shop at least then you can inspect them b4 u buy. if you want to buy a Kicker…

Is buying wii games on ebay a desperate view?
I am thinking of buying wii games off ebay instead of at shops, its a lot cheaper. Is this a bad theory? What should i watch out for when i do it? Have you had any bad experiences beside this? It is a good idea Source(s):… Not the…

Is buying xbox 360 games of ebay a reliable source for cheap games?
is buying xbox 360 games of ebay a reliable source for cheap games? becoz i am scared of using ebay as i once bought a supposebly 8gb ipod and it turned out to be a chinese copy with 512mb Hi I’ve been having ebay for one year…

Is clarion a suitable company i saw a double din touch peak on ebay for 150 should i return with it?
is clarion a good coup¨¦ audio company? Yes Should I get this display? If you want it. thats totally up to you It depends what you want it for. If you want a very good sound system after its…

Is Cologne on ebay valid?
Is cologne off ebay authentic, or is it fake? I was thinking of buying cologne from a department store but notice you can get it a lot cheaper off ebay. Would you buy cologne from a power dealer on ebay? It all depends on the person. It’s a risk you pilfer with ebay, but it’s…

Is computer memory sold inexpensively on eBay as dutiful as what is sold contained by computer stores?
Thank you. It depends. Often the bargain memory you find on eBay is just that, low-quality bargain memory. However, the computer stores will potential also carry bargain memory. I’d recommend getting memory from a more reliable source than ebay though. …

Is Craig’s List risk-free? I want to put up for sale some child items. Or is Ebay better?
I prefer Craig’s List. Good chance you will have luck with it. EBay have been hacked so many times. At lowest possible with Craig’s List you can advertise in your nouns and ask for cash only and not have to use the…

Is craigslist a well brought-up and viable alternative to ebay for e-commerce?
I have a home decor warehouse and want to increase revenue. Ebay seems far to busy with cheaper alternatives of similar products. Does Craigslist make a similar demographic? Visit! Craigslist is easily the best place for e-commerce. However, don’t put all of your eggs surrounded by one…

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