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Cydia is the best app for jail broken iOS devices

Everyone is perfectly happy when they buy a new iOS device. Any why not – after all iOS devices like the iPhone, the iPad and the iPod are the most cherished electronic devices of all. Apple keeps producing version after version of these devices and people still queue up overnight to be among the first buyers of the new device models. But those iOS device users that want to do more with their devices are often disappointed because Apple puts in many restrictions on the way their devices can be used. One can unlock their iOS device by entering the DFU mode and they can then download apps using Cydia. Related Articles Enter the DFU mode and see how much you can do with your iPhone Jailbreak explanations part 1 How to Jailbreak an iPhone 4S Safely How to use your iPhone in best organized manner?

The DFU mode is the “Device Firmware Update” mode. In this mode the device can interact with iTunes without loading iOS or boot loader. This mode is different from the recovery mode and users use this mode to open up the device. When I say open up I don’t mean open up the device. A better term would be to say that the device can be unlocked so that one can use it for various purposes.

The DFU mode is used by those users that want to downgrade or upgrade the firmware of the iOS device. This is also the mode that is used to prepare the device for jail breaking.

Now why would someone want to downgrade or upgrade the firmware? For the simple reason that they would want to change the constitution of the device. And when one gets into the DFU mode they can do so many more things with their device – install new software applications and change the SIM card of the device and so on. It’s very easy to get the device enter into this mode and there is no software application required for this. In this mode the device screen will be completely black but it will continue to interact with iTunes. If someone is interested in playing games that are normally not available on the App Store or if they want to customize their device by not following what Apple wants them to do then this mode allows them to do so. The only precaution required when making the device go into thise mode is that it shouldn’t brick.

Once this mode is reached the Cydia icon gets displayed on the home screen. Cydia offers a GUI to the users so that they can download and install apps that are normally not allowed by Apple. So, if someone is interested in one of the Android games but cannot get it for iOS they can use this app to download that game. Cydia doesn’t tinker with the constitution of the device – it merely opens it up so that one can do more things with it.

If you think you’ve enjoyed everything that your iOS device has to offer you then try out the DFU mode. When you explore Cydia you will find out why so many people love using it. Its interface makes it easy for one to use it.

Author: Cesar Muler

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