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Converting Nokia Ringtones To Work On Your Phone

Nokia ringtones are the most popular format available online.  But what about those us who own non-Nokia phones–can we use Nokia ringtones too?  Of course we can!  This article will show you how to easily convert Nokia ringtones so they are compatible with any other phone.

Nokia ringtones are probably the most popular online these days. The problem is, not all cell phones are compatible with the Nokia format. So what do you do if you have a cell phone that does not support the Nokia ring tone format, but you’d still like to take advantage of some of the many popular Nokia ringtones?

In this article we will discuss a simple way to convert Nokia ringtones to other formats, so that they can be used by nearly any cell phone on the market.  Because there are more Nokia format ringtones than any other type, this will enable you to have a much wider selection of ringtones to choose from for your non-Nokia phone. OK, let’s get started.

Step one: every Nokia ringtone uses an RTTTL format string.  You can download many of these Nokia RTTTL strings online by doing a simple search.  Just find the string that represents a specific ringtone you want to convert.

Step two: search online for the “Uniring,” universal ringtone converter. This handy little online software will convert nearly any format of ringtone to any other.  When you arrive at the Uniring web site, simply copy and paste the RTTTL string for the ringtone you’d like to convert into the large text box in the center of the page.  Be very careful to ensure that the RTTTL string contains no spaces — it needs to be copied exactly as it is to function properly.

Step three: select a format that you would like to convert the ringtone string into.  There are many options here, so just pick the one that represents the type of cell phone you have.

Step four: you will now receive a new code, representing the Nokia ringtone you selected converted to your phone’s format.  You will find full instructions on this page how to install the new ringtone to your phone, or even to transfer it via SMS.

And that’s all there is to it.  Once the Nokia ringtone is converted to your phone’s format, you are free to use it just as you would any other ringtone made for your phone.

TIP: sometimes ringtones that are converted from the Nokia format to another phone’s format will not sound exactly the same.  For this reason, it is a good practice to always try to convert three or four ringtones at one time, just in case some of them come out sounding a little funny.

There are literally thousands of sites online where you can find inexpensive or even free Nokia ringtones.  And because the Nokia ringtone format is the most popular online, you are certain to find nearly any song or other ringtone you can imagine by searching carefully on the Web.  Of course there are also other brands of ringtones available as well, and these can also be converted to your phone’s format just as easily as Nokia ringtones. This will give you a huge variety of ringtones to choose from for your non-Nokia phone.

Now that you know how to convert Nokia ringtones to any other format, it will be easy for you to findArticle Submission, install and experiment with lots of different ringtones for your phone.

Author: Craig Thornburrow

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