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Best Cydia Applications

Cydia applications help you upgrade your phone and use it to its optimum capacity. If you are searching for some information related to these apps, the following article will prove to be a technologically intelligent read.


Many people who have recently managed to jailbreak their iPhone are looking for some information related to cool Cydia applications. After jail breaking my iPhone, I found a whole new world of Cydia applications. These Cydia apps covered a range of usage choice and that makes me upgrade my phone regularly. There are new Cydia apps added everyday and this makes it very difficult to find the top applications.

Top Cydia Apps for iPhone

There are hundreds of Cydia apps and the following enlisted applications for iPhone are truly amazing.

Does it not bother you need to unlock your phone to play a video? If yes, then do install this app on you iPhone or iPod. VideoLock allows video playback at lock mode. Useful app for those who do not want to share anything more than just their videos.

This amazing Media Center app play most of the video files on your iOS device. You can enable scrapers and get all information related to the TV show, music video or movie on your iPhone or iPad. Customize the look with skins and add-ons provided by the app.

3D is the current effect in vogue today. You can download Barrel on your iPhone and give your home screen a 3D look, that too, without wearing glasses. Just go to settings and choose the depth of your 3D effect.

Customize all the icons on your home screen with Iconoclasm. You can set 5×5 or 5×3 set of icons with the help of this app.

Don’t you feel bored with the search for apps in your iPhone menu to change their settings? Well, SBSettings is the answer for a jailbroken phone. Customize each setting like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Orientation Lock and other similar setups by just swiping down your notification bar. There is no need to dive into the menu to adjust your settings.

5-row Qwerty Keyboard
Are you an avid texter? Do you type a lot on your iPhone or iPad? If yes, then install 5-row Qwerty keyboard. This Cydia app adds a separate row for the numbers on the keyboard, thus, saving you a lot of time.

Top Cydia Apps for iPod Touch

You will love installing the following best Cydia apps for iPod touch/ iPhone.

Who says you need a phone to make a call. All you need is an iPod and Skype! You cannot call it one of the best substitutes for a phone, but it will suffice your needs to some extent. Connect your iPod to Wi-Fi network and make Skype-to-Skype calls or Skype to actual phone numbers.

You must have noticed when you double-tap the home button, you first see the first application in the dock. Then, you need to scroll left and reach the iPod control. When you install DirectControl, you can directly reach Now-Playing controls and there is no need to scroll. The best thing is, you can set it to behave in this manner at all times or just when you are playing music on your iPod touch.

This Cydia app enables you to take High Dynamic Range (HRD) photos with you iPod Touch 4G. All you need to do is launch and select the ‘HRDEnabler’.

iBluever Demo
This application helps you connect your iPod touch, iPhone and even iPod to a Bluetooth Dial-up networking enabled phone. Once the connection is made, you can serve Internet on your iPod Touch. This app supports iPod touch 2G/3G/4G. Do try the demo version first to see it is compatible with your phone. If yes, then you can think about purchasing this useful app.

Top Cydia Apps for iPad

iPad users too have a wide range of choice when it comes to Cydia apps. For example:

3G Unrestrictor
This is a great app that tricks you iPad to think it is running on Wi-Fi Internet, when you are actually using a 3G or EDGE network. Thus, you can make and receive calls on FaceTime, download videos faster, make free calls using Skype and do many more fun things on your iPad when using your normal 3G or EDGE network.

Looking for an app that helps manage your files? iFile is a Cydia app that allows you to create and delete folders, rename them, open files directly and many more useful actions.

For just $2, you can protect your individual apps on iOS with Locktopus. Not only does it allow you to add a password to your Native apps and apps from Apple store, but also Cydia apps. This will help protect your apps from begin used without your permission.

You must have noticed you cannot delete your Cydia apps like you delete your App Store apps. You need to launch Cydia and then uninstall the app from the menu. However, CyDelete will help you delete Cydia apps from your application screen. Just tap on the app till it starts to wriggle. Then, click on the little X to delete the Cydia app.

These are some of the best apps that you will love adding on your jail broken Apple iPhone. There are hundreds of applications available and these are just a few that I find are the best.

Author: Batul Nafisa Baxamusa

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