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A note is ushered in

The cord of reality is depressed.

The metal bob makes the first toll;

The daughters of music awake from rest

Though I know not where it is

I long to see it:

The shadows of me

Long obscured by the night

I strolled

Through memory lane

The days which held

A mind less distinctive…

I was playful and inquisitive

Relishing the music of nature;

Often lulled to sleep by it

In a valley with

A bed of roses_

Shielded from the noises in life

I grew up

And there was an increase

In pitch

The stage

Had become tense:

My own concert…in life’s opera house

Drawing closer

Discordant tolls superimpose

Around the audience

And I listened hard to filter

The ones from my friends

And the ones from my foes

I seal my fate

By attuning to the dub of my heart

My mind metamorphoses

And breaks away from the cocoon

I remember breaking away

From the bosom of my mother:

The melodic whistle

And the rocking of cradle

I heard less from my father

Except for his wave of gesture

On occasioned days

And now I am on my own

On course to track my own toll

And to compose my own chime

I will never forget where I come from:

A tribute to my family

Is paid in my music box

This has the quality

Of a thousand bells

My pitch grows louder

The sinusoidal wave

Swings now and then

Standing the test of time;

Inspired by tension

In the vocal cords

And resonance

With noble tolls

The sound travels in a straight line

In a plume of energy

Like a shooting star

Determined to immortalize itself

In a planet

I long for fading tolls to resonate with me:

The’ soldier boy’ in the remote village

Of the rainforest

Who rehearses everyday to cast tolls…

Known to be rendered by the ones

That change the world…

The soldier girl…

In the midst of damping tolls

With nothing to her own

Except the dream of being

The Nikola Telsa

Of Africa

…To simplify and expound

The laws of nature

In the beat of an African drum

So that kids like her could find

The tune to call their own

My toll resounded well

I am glad

To have captivated my audience


The frequency at which the bob strikes the walls

Of the bell


I exit the stage_

As the stage curtains close

The daughters of music

Depart one by one

Till the bell

Comes to rest again

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