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A Look At The Various Unlock Choices On The New HTC One S

The HTC One S is one of a number of new handsets in HTC’s new flagship ‘One’ range which is the firm’s first Android ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ series. One of the handsets in this range is the HTC One S, which boasts a number of excellent features, such as an 8 megapixel camera, innovative design and the new version of the HTC Sense UI. In this article I will look at one particular aspect of this, which is the lock screen.

Now this may not seem like the most exciting subject for an article, but like most other features of HTC Sense, this is more innovative than you may first think. In order to unlock the screen, the user presses the unlock/power button at the top of the phone. This then allows the screen to be unlocked, but using the unlock ring. This is dragged from the bottom of the screen, which then unlocks the handset. However, you can also use this feature to instantly access apps, without going through the entire unlock process. You can assign up to four apps of your choice which will be located on the lock screen. Rather than unlock the screen fully, you can simply drag the unlock ring onto one of the apps, or drag an app into the ring. This app will then be automatically opened. These apps are Phone, Mail, Messages and Camera as standard, as these are generally among the most often used apps for most users, although they can be changed to apps of your choice.

Other ways of unlocking the screen on the HTC One S include the commonly used PIN code or password, along with a pattern unlock system. The latter requires you to set up a pattern, which you then enter to unlock the phone. This is similar to entering a PIN code, but you do not take your finger off the screen; instead dragging your finger to the correct points on the screen, creating the pattern.

Arguably the most innovative way to unlock the HTC One S though, is the Face Unlock feature. Comes as part of the Android ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ software package, and works via a combination of the phone’s front facing camera and built in face recognition software. To use it, simply press the unlock button at the top of the screen. An outline will then appear where you must line up your face, and the phone will then unlock, taking you to the homescreen. You can use this feature in conjunction with another screen unlock method such as a PIN number or unlock pattern, providing maximum levels of security, which is ideal for those who have private or sensitive content on their phone.

All of these unlock options can be managed via the Setting menu, which is easy to do. The HTC One S is just one of a number of handsets to boast these features, thanks to an Android update rolling out to several compatible handsets.

Author: Chris Westley

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