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A Guide to Unlocking iPhone

It’s common practice for cellular phone service providers to lock the units they give because they’re offering you the phone for free anyway in exchange of signing up with them. If they’re not free of charge, their prices may have been drastically reduced so you’re still getting a good deal. It’s perfectly normal for service providers to make sure that the phones they give away are not being used on other networks.

However, the consumers are at the disadvantage if they keep on using locked phones. You can’t avail of great deals that other service providers are offering. This is why unlocking iPhone has become a widespread practice among clients. If you’re among those who wish to unlock your phone, here are some reliable ways to do it:

Contact Your Service Provider – The most basic thing to do when you’ve decided to unlock your phone is to coordinate with your service provider. Learn about their unlocking policy so you have an idea whether or not you should pursue the plan. Generally, these providers will require you to finish your contract first or pay an early cancellation fee to terminate your existing plan. There are also those who do iPhone unlocking free of charge if you have to travel to another country and will have to use a local provider there.

Reach Out to Competition or Manufacturers – Rivals usually want to stay ahead in the race. This is why carriers draft better deals to provide their consumers, which includes unlocking the phone you availed of from one of their rivals. Communicate with your desired service provider and try to know if they have policy to this effect. Apart from the competition, manufacturers may also help you out with unlocking your phone. They usually release unlock codes that you can run through the Google search.

Check Out Third Party Sites – Another reliable option when unlocking iPhone is to seek the help of third party sites. They have the technology to do the job without the need to jailbreak your phone. You may look for the best available service over the internet. You can also check out forums about unlocking your iPhone as they are good sources of information about which third party sites are the most trustworthy to deal with.

A reminder though: read over the fine print of your contract before you opt for iPhone unlocking. This may violate the terms and conditions of your agreement. Thus, you may have to face penalties stated therein. Plus make sure that if you’re switching to a new carrier, they can provide you better services to maximize the potential of your iPhone. After all, this is the only way for you to enjoy the benefits of owning such an amazing phone.

Author: Mike Dill

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