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Unlock Code for Nokia Lumia

Unlock Code for Nokia Lumia 2The Lumia Phones by Nokia are a popular line of smart phones and are sold all over the world on different GSM Networks. Nokia sells the Lumia phones with following Models:

– Lumia 520

– Lumia 525

– Lumia 630

– Lumia 820

– Lumia 920

– Lumia 925

– Lumia 1020

– Lumia 1320

– Lumia 1520

– Lumia 2520

While these phones are available in the US and around the world on different carriers, this document will discuss how you can unlock your Nokia Lumia phone on the AT&T Network.


Until June of 2014, unlocking any of the models on AT&T network was unstable and would take many days if it could even be unlocked. Most of the times, we would get the “Not Found” message from our servers when attempting to unlock these phones.  The success rate to unlock Nokia Lumia at that time was about 40%. Even then the latest Nokia Lumia model 2520 could not be unlocked.

Since then we have added alternate methods to unlock this phone. Our success rate to unlock Nokia Lumia on ATT network is now up to 85% and usually takes 5 to 7 days to get unlock code. Point to note is that even though we can unlock all other models for Nokia Lumia, the 2520 still cannot be unlocked at this time. We are still testing different methods and we hope to have a solution for this soon. We will announce the availability of 2520 unlock as soon as we find a solution via a newsletter update.

How to buy Unlock Code for Nokia Lumia:

You can buy the Nokia Lumia Unlock Code on our website at: 

Click here to Unlock this phone with AT&T Network

Click here to Unlock this phone with all other networks

Note that prices for all Lumia Models to unlock is $49.99 as of this writing except for the 925 Model which is $59.99.  Do click on the link above to see latest pricing and unlock times.
From the list of models that appear on that page, simply click on the Lumia model that you would like to unlock and you will see the detail page for that model.
We only need 2 pieces of information to unlock the Nokia Lumia phone for you:
IMEI #:  (From your phone keypad, type in *#06# to get this 15 digit number)
Email address: This is where you will receive the code to unlock your Nokia Lumia

Click on “Click Here to Order Now” to pay for your unlock via PayPal

Once you have submitted your order, we will start the unlock process and email you the code with unlocking instructions within 15 days timeframe.

Unlock Code for Nokia Lumia

Check out video below on how to order unlock code for Nokia Lumia on AT&T network

Nokia Lumia 1020



Nokia Lumia 1520



Nokia Lumia 900



Nokia Lumia 920


Nokia Lumia Telenor


To unlock your Nokia Lumia Click here: 

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