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Indigo Lake Cydia Game For Free

Indigo Lake Cydia Game For Free

Indigo Lake Cydia Game For Free


Indigo Lake is an intelligent psychological horror game that needs gamers to explore an open world, solve puzzles, translate genuine ancient American Indian pictograms and eliminate spirits with unique traditions.


Reviews of surprising sightings around Indigo Lake are commonplace but currently a spate of suicides has triggered an analysis by paranormal specialists. Your close friend Dr Everett was sent to the lake to discover the reality behind the current activity but he’s unsuccessful to report in. It’s now your job to search him and offer relaxation from supernatural activity permanently.

Game play

Indigo Lake is an ideal mixture of first person combat, driving and puzzle fixing occur a big open world atmosphere. The gamer is outfitted having a hand gun and great glasses which could highlight clues, products as well as record their adventure for export to camera roll together with a real time picture in picture look at themselves. Once the action begins, the player or gamer may take towards the road and can rapidly discover route planning and exploration are very important to making it through the hellish incarnations round the lake and also the spirit from the mysterious crying girl.


The design and style concept behind Indigo Lake ended up being to create a wide open world living environment. Trees, plants as well as the rain moves within the harrowing wind. Advanced particle effects fill the gamers view and distant lightning strikes illuminate every surface. Full screen blooming, chromatic aberration and advanced physics enhance the overall game pictu particular level not usually seen on the mobile platform.

indogo lake cydia game ipad free


– Per Pixel Lighting on all surfaces

– Destroyable objects

– True projectile based hand gun

– Physics based drivable vehicle

– True particle collision effects

– Large free roaming atmosphere

– Stylishly designed first person control plan

– Live reaction camera

– Built-in video recorder

– Retina support

– Universal application

– apple iphone 5/ipod device touch 5G screen support

Download game Indigo Lake For Free:

Necessary steps to install the game:

1. Download any game to your computer.
2. Double click it and it appears in iTunes > iTunes Software
3. Go to your device via iTunes > iPhone > Programs and check the game/app (or make sure that it is already checked)
4. Click Synchronize

The most suitable versions of the game for iPhone 5
iOS 1.0 and higher. For iPad, iPhone, iPod. [76.7 MB][ipa]

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