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Genuine Factory Unlock Solution for AT&T iPhone

Apple iPhones can be bought from certain network carriers, AT&T being one such. The devices being sold by these network carriers are locked and can only be accessed for that network and for any other network. AT&T is a widely sold network along with Apple iPhones. The internet search for software to unlock the network mobiles is also very huge. A lot of software can be found on the internet to unlock the device but none offers long-term solution.

Genuine Factory Unlock Solution for AT&T iPhone

Genuine Factory Unlock Solution for AT&T iPhone

Use of these software resulted in the unlocked phone but only for a short period of time. After that time period the phone got locked again. This mostly occurred when the device’s firmware got updated so, in order to protect the mobile it locked the mobile again. You will also come across software, such as Gevery SIM, SAM unlock, Rebel Micro SIM Pro and others, which claim 100% results but their working result is in actual 0%.

Why? Because these solutions worked on the basis of some exploits. For example, Gevey SIM relied on the SAM unlock method when it was being sold as a genuine solution, but when the SAM unlock solution got patched by Apple, Gevey SIM no longer worked. The company behind Gevey apologized to everyone who purchased this SIM, but it was too late as their reputation was greatly affected.

Ultrasn0w, a software solution, was recently updated to version 1.2.8, and when the news came out, people hoped it will contain the solution for AT&T unlock. However, that wasn’t the case as all it was compatible with as iPhone 4 and 3GS, and that too on older basebands.

SAM unlock, as discussed in the paragraph above, was developed by loktar_sun. It used to be a good solution, but didn’t survive long as Apple found out about it and patched servers. People who managed to save activation tickets still think they have a chance to go for the unlock on AT&T iPhone. However, this is purely guesswork, as there is no guarantee this is going to work.

So what should a person do? Well, read below:

We on the other hand provide the users with the authentic factory unlock solutions for the AT&T network iPhone mobiles. Our partners, Official iPhone Unlock, provides a life time unlock system for iPhone 5/ 4S/ 4/ 3GS by using an IMEI code. We recommend these guys specifically for AT&T unlocking.

Well you may be thinking that if temporary, un-authorized unlocking software are available then why do I need new software? You will find your answer within your question. Your answer is that one it only provides temporary solution and the second that it is un-authorized and un-authentic. But the Factory unlock system is all, permanent, genuine and reliable too.

Also that our factory unlock software works perfectly well even if you update your device firmware. That is one worry down. It can also easily work on other basebands like 4.12.01 and 4.11.08 which are quite popular among people nowadays. Another benefit of using this unlock system is that the warranty of the device does not nullify which gets void when you download other false unlock software. So if your software gives any kind of trouble in working and functionality you can get it fixed from the company.

As previously mentioned when you update the device firmware the un-official unlock software stop working and the device again goes to lock mode. In order to avoid this problem factory unlock solution is the best and the only reliable one. The new iPhone 5 has been incorporated with a new baseband. The use of variable software becomes difficult in this case thus go for factory solution.

The factory unlock being provided is applicable on all network carriers except AT&T. The solution works good if the mobile has been bought from an online store or from somewhere outside USA. We have links with a company in-turn in direct contact with Apple. Eligibility of the candidate is first checked through the IMEI number and the mobile set number and model to which the network is fixed. The IMEI is easy to find out, as it’s available in the handset itself. The IMEI is a 15 digit-code that can be accessed by going to General > Settings > About phone. The user can note it down in advance for convenience.

You get eligibility confirmation via an email. Then you have to connect your device to iTunes in order to unlock your mobile. Once done you can now use any network of your choice on the mobile phone. Our company takes pride in giving 100% results and wonderful after sales services. Total money back option is also available in case for any error or problem they have great service.

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