Software Unlock Gevey Sim or IMEI unlock Which one is the best?

Many of my readers and friends ask me about iPhone unlocking. The mostly asked question is: Which is the best and reliable unlock method for my iPhone? Is it software unlock, a gevey sim or an IMEI unlock?

The best method to unlock your iPhone is to get it Factory/IMEI unlocked. But I will try to explain advantages and disadvantages of all unlocking processes.

Software Unlock Gevey Sim or IMEI unlock Which one is the best?

1. Software Unlocking
Software unlocking in iPhone is done through Cydia by installing a tweak called Ultrasn0w. Ultrasn0w supports iPhone 3G, 3GS and iPhone 4. But not all iPhones can be unlocked through ultrasn0w and that is why we have other unlocking solutions. If ultrasn0w could unlock all devices, we wouldn’t have other methods of unlocking. You can read full details about ultrasn0w  Here.


Software Unlock Gevey Sim or IMEI unlock Which one is the best?


  • Your iPhone is unlocked on the specific firmware permanently.
  • You can put sim card in and out anytime without any hassle.


You cannot directly update your iPhone to the newly released firmware. Instead you will need to cook a custom firmware to prevent baseband update.

Gevey Sim:

If your iPhone cannot be unlocked using ultrasn0w, there comes another unlocking solution known as hardware unlocking in which you put a small transistor beneath your sim card to get the unlock. Gevey sim by ApplenBerry is the most popular and widely used interposer. It can unlock almost all iPhones except iPhone 4 with baseband 4.11.08, 4.12.01, or 4.12.02.




  • You get the full unlock.
  • Works even if your iPhone is blacklisted.


  • You have to deal with the unlocking process everytime your reboot your iPhone.
  • Signals sometime drop to zero and you have to reboot your iPhone and then repeat the unlocking process.
  • Cannot update to stock firmware to prevent baseband updates. (Except the iPhone 4S)

Factory or IMEI unlocking:

This is the best unlocking solution for iPhone users. It officially unlocks the iPhone by registering IMEI number in Apple’s database. You can get your iPhone factory unlocked from our iPhone unlocking partners.




  • Permanent unlock for life
  • You can freely update your device to any firmware you wish

There is no disadvantage of IMEI unlocking.
Forever permanent unlock
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